The Elite Game

There seem to be a lot of conflicts going on all around the world. Some are concepts made up of conspiracy theories.

It's no news about how much attention the war between Russia and Ukraine is gaining. Things were more tense at the beginning of the war compared to now.

After a lot of sanctions, missiles and gofundmes have been launched most people now view the war differently.

To me, I see it as a mere game that leaves the average person to ruin or nothing after it's all done.

The real victims of the war are the average citizens that will never get funds from the Ukraine government. it's the average person who has the most to lose not the government or a person like Putin or Zelensky.

Or is it a game?


If there's a game of the elites then we can imagine how a whole lot of money is available to them to buy people to do their bidding or play their game for them while they watch behind the scene. This is just a mere imagination of how it could be played but we may never know.

Today the war in Ukraine has become more of a joke with questionable facts out there that proves something contrary to what we see on the tv screen.

Which is why those who see the war as a play of elites for our attention are right to think so and those who think it's something else can deem it so too.

However, what we can hold on to for a fact is that the concept of power between elites is changing with attention being the new power. We have seen how much people's data are worth on centralized media because they want a new way to gain our attention at all cost.

Whatever clicks is what the elites would pay anything for and it seems the broadcasting media is a big part of the play like the banks have been for year's in collapsing the world economy.

Nevertheless, the reign of elites, media and banks is crumbling and meeting its end with each one of them now faced with their nemesis. A Ying to their Yang now exist and we are not aware of how fast things is changing due to a whole lot of things and plays going on in the world.

Elites are being faced with individual sovereignty. Anyone can accumulate wealth and decide what to accomplish with it in the future. Elon is a prime example in that with his space exploration agenda.

Centralized media are also faced with decentralized media that are as of late just immersing themselves into the system before everything blows up as it always does with technology. It's easier for a place like a hive to become a centre of attraction to the world in the future because of its decentralized system that is controlled by its customers.

But before then.

Do you think wars are just a facade to direct our attention towards something else while the real thing is happening right under our noses?

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