If Your Wallet Was Wiped Out Today, Are You Calling The Feds,Keeping A Secret Or Spilling The Beans?

The is nothing more uncrypto than trying to get law enforcement agencies, banks and people like Cex to help get your crypto funds back after security mismanagement from the user's side.

This may sound harsh but crypto is focused on the agenda of making everyone responsible for the safety of his assets. I know having someone’s account wiped out is not pleasing to the ear.


However the secret none of the people deep-rooted into crypto today wont tell you at first is that they have also suffered huge losses too but still carry on. They now carry on as a more experienced crypto user, some are now wise enough to get themselves a ledger and remove the fear of having an exchange going bankrupt. It is just a matter of wen?

We've seen loads of corruption involved with crypto over the last 18 months. Nothing has been left unchecked. Each project’s security has been breached more than anyone could imagine before one gets really big enough to catch the public attention.

Some projects are currently in the crypto verse now that won't survive the next coming years of crypto evolution. The evolution will be more vivid when 51% of crypto users see crypto as more than just a money-grab event that happens every 4 years.

The mindset of people is what will start the new evolution that would be more focused on aspects like the security of assets, the usability of tokens and how it's not going to be a Ponzi-like enterprise that's flooding the crypto market today.

Most valuable projects are rooted at the bottom 100 or farther. What changes everything for crypto would be the users who hold it true to them and can take full responsibility for their assets and investments.

However, we all learn at a different pace but it's best to have a deep knowledge of crypto before using your hard-earned money to invest in any projects that may look promising in the short term but perilous in the long term.

Take Hive for example, what has been the blockage holding down Hive in the bottom 100 is because most projects that cant compete with Hive’s real value. The value of having both ownership of content and assets makes it undoubtedly one of the top blockchains to have ever been built but the world hasn't yet become aware of it.

What hive could be for anyone is defined by his approach just like getting into crypto can mean different things depending on their approach. Do they have the money-grab approach or the real value-creation mindset? The difference between the two is that one is very susceptible to being scammed out of all his money while another one doesn't just have to be careful but he’s aware of what’s at stake and still dives in but not into the shark's mouth.

Most people today are getting scammed out of millions of dollars just because of having a different approach to what it means to be a cryptocurrency user.

What do you think about being a crypto user? What does it entail? You getting into shitty projects knowing the risk involved having zero knowledge of any foul play and risking it all

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