Lite Coin Mobile Mining!

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Lite Coin Mining on your Mobile

Here's a step by step guide - from installation to getting your first free litecoin. @ysengr0 introduced it to me, unfortunately he isn't active on hive.

I turned it on for less than 24 hours and I've already bagged 0.03 Lite Coin. At the current price of Lite Coin of 130USD X 0.03 = USD 3.9. I say it isn't bad at all.

The app is fairly easy to use, but the only draw back is that it is add based. I tried looking for the app in the Apple store but somehow I couldn't find it(sorry I don't use an iPhone). So, here's the Play Store Link, if you manage to find it on the apple store, please do share them at the comments below.

Step 1 - Download the app from Play Store Link

They will direct you to login and it will automatically connect with your Google account.

Step 2 - Please input my Refferal code 10236136 and receive 0.015 LTC


You will need to enter a refferal code to receive some 0.015 Litecoin. Click on the second icon on the bottom left and 10236136 input this refferal code in the center.

Step 3 - Follow these 3 steps below to start mining


  1. These will reward you with some coins every hour or 3 hourly. The sum will increase each time you engage it.

  2. Click play and it should take about 5 minutes every 100%

  3. Speed up your mining, the only draw back here is that you have to watch ads each time. full 200% boost gives 0.00025 LTC every 5 minutes.

  4. Complete task to get free LTC. Explore more and find out for yourselves.

Overall, the user interface is quite easy to comprehend and you should be able to navigate your way around with ease.


You would need to mine until you reach 2LTC before you can withdraw. With the daily task, I trust that you could reach the minimum easily.


Play to Earn Games - Faucets - Surveys

Rising Star - A role playing game, you start as a musician slowly rising up to be a Music Star. If you are a musician yourself, you can NFT your music here and people can purchase your music.

Splinterlands - Biggest NFT Card Game.

Womplay - If you are into mobile games, this is the platform for you. Great way to explore the EOS ecosystem.

KryptoGamers - A Provably Fair Online Casino Platform. Check out their tokenomics. - One of the oldest Bitcoin Faucets, you'll receive free BTC everyday.

Cointiply - Get BTC for doing surveys, playing games, and downloading apps.

My Recommended Exchange

Binance - One of the largest exchanges and ecosystem. You will get a lucky draw mystery box prizes are up to 1 BNB.

KuCoin - One of my favorite exchanges, I love their staking rewards and constant active promotions. Did I forget to mentioned their botts? - Love this exchange too because most of the microcaps can be found here. Their user interface displays much of the information that other exchanges doesn't. Signup here for 10% rebate off your trading fee.

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