Selling Splinterlands Cards On WAX Market

Connect Splinterlands with your WAX account

You can send me some NFTs, thank you!

Send one card to your WAX wallet

Sending the card over ...

Checking my WAX wallet ...

Isn't this just great!

Cards on WAX ... ? One!

Put the card on the market

Let's compare the markets.

Splinterlands - Zalran Efreet, Level 2, BCX 3

Let's say you can get the equivalent for $8.

Putting the card on the market with the lowest price. What do you think will happen?

You can buy it here.

There are several Zalrans on the AtomicHub market now.

Many thanks to @chubb149 and his article Using Wax Wallet Splinterlands & Crypto Brew Masters NFTs.

Better and better