Attractive cryptocurrency properties

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Welcome, dear crypto enthusiasts!
We know that cryptocurrency now surround us. Tremendous amount of different coins, tokens are listed on big count of exchanges.
Every kind of coin is a presentation of point of view on future world of coins creators. Nowadays projects are assigning cryptocurrency to own products and receive support from investors with these way.
Almost each crypto has behind itself projects in forefront of modern science and technologies.

All diversity of cryptocoins makes us think, which to select for investment.
I want to consider the way when person want to earn max income with maybe risky coins. Okay, lets start!

Low crypto price

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If your plan to earn money in several times you need not to invest money in expensive coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc).
Cheap coins often have relatively low capitalizations (count of coins * coin price).
It means that they have space for growth.
As for me chance of cheap coin growth in 10-100x is more probable that 2x for Bitcoin.

Active community

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Active community = effective marketing. You need to watch activity of posts on Twitter, social medias, messengers.
Look on frequency of posts, quality of answers of coin team members.
It is a good feature of potential growth.

Main idea and development state


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Currefully discover the main purpose and idea of project.
What purposes project need to reach. Which part of project already done?
Will new projects launched soon by dev team? This factor can increase price of coin in several times.
Look on development roadmap, estimate perspectives of the projects,
Look at development team.

Own blockchain

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Each respectful team of devs need to realize own chain for cryptocurrency.
It can be even a fork, but chain need to be independent.
How do you like scary Ethereum transaction price? Ethereum makes tokens owners dependence from rules of main chain.

Wide of project


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How many wallets has the coin? (web, desktop, mobile, etc). How many projects using this crypto for payments? Where you can exchange these coins?
Ask you these questions before investment!

Thank you :)

Thank you for reading! Make success in your investment!

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