Splinterlands Game Guide 1 - Introduction, How to start, SPS coin Airdrop, Do and Don'ts

Hello friends, I have started playing this game around 5 days before. I am also new to this game and I think, I understand very much about how to play and how to earn by playing this game. At starting I was very confused, slowly I understand about this game. In this guide I will tell you about Splinterlands game, how to start the game, SPS (SPlintershards) coin airdrop, Do and Don'ts for the game to earn well. Here I started the guide.


Splinterlands is a collectible card game in which you battle with your cards in ranked battle and you earn a DEC token for every win. As your rank tier increases your DEC reward per win also increases which I noticed while playing the game. The rank tier in Splinterlands games is Novice, Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc. As you reach each tier you will get some loot chest. When your rank tier increases you will get more loot chests. For example, For rank tire Silver 2 you will get around 12 loot chests. You can claim these loot chests at the end of the season end. You may get cards, potions, DEC, booster packs, and land plots (land plots are rare) from this loot chest. If you get cards then you can also sell or rent them in-game market. Another extra earning is SPS coin airdrop daily according to your game points for 365 days. (I will talk about SPS airdrop more later in this guide)

Basics of Splinterlands game

Image source: Screenshot from Spinterlands website

How to start Splinterlands game

Step 1: Log in with Hive Keychain (browser extension) on a desktop browser. If you are a smartphone user, Log in with your Hive username and private posting key.

Referral link - https://splinterlands.com?ref=catharsis

Step 2: After login, you have to purchase 'Summoners spellbook' which costs 10$. This is very important if you want to play ranked battle and earn the reward. (Before purchasing Summoners spellbook you can still play practice match and learn game basics. I suggest you play some practice matches)
Spinterlands spellbook unlocks the below features-

  1. Daily quest
  2. Ranked season rewards
  3. Earn DEC token reward for winning ranked battles
  4. card packs in the shop
  5. Tournament events

Step 3: After purchasing the Summoners spellbook, You can start playing ranked battles. Every player can select 7 cards including 1 Summoner and 6 monster cards for battle. (There is a total mana limit that is varying for every match, so you may use fewer cards if the total mana limit is low. The same applied to our opponents also). You may think that it's hard to win the battle for beginners, but it's not right if you play with a good combination you will win. In this season I have played 224 battles from which 127 battles I won. My maximum winning streak is 7.

  • At starting you don't need to purchase cards to play ranked battles, there are many free playable cards that you can use. ( At starting I suggest you use fire splinter cards for battles, so there is a good chance to win).

  • If you win the battle, you will earn a DEC token for every match. You can use your DEC token to purchase cards from the market in the game. (I suggest you purchase cards from the 'Card rentals' section in the market because it has a very low price. For example, it cost around 0.0006$+. You can use these cards for 7 days or if you can change days if you want these cards for more or fewer days)

  • While playing ranked battles, You have to take a look at the Energy capture rate. After each battle, this energy capture rate decreases little (similar to vote power percentage in Hive). You should maintain your Energy capture rate between 75% to 100%. So the efficiency of your DEC token reward will be high.

SPS Airdrop

You will earn daily SPS airdrop for 1 year according to your game points. This airdrop started around 15 days before. So 350 days are remaining and you will earn for daily airdrop for up to 350 days. Hence, It's a very good time to start playing this game. You can also stake your SPS coin for an extra reward at around 290% APR.
For more information: https://sps.splinterlands.com/airdrop

Do and Don'ts (For Beginners)

  • At the start, Don't purchase potions or card pack, because it costs very high. As a beginner, you can start with little investment and then increase your investment if you want to earn more in Splinterlands game especially SPS coin airdrop.

Future of Splinterlands Game

Splinterlands has a very good future. Also, it ranks 3rd position in the top blockchain games list.

Image Source


Fun to play the game. Earning may seem low, but it will be more profitable for a longer time.

I would like to mention and give thanks to @splinterlands

I have tried to cover all points, but I want to tell some very important thing. So in the next blog, I will share how you can choose your card and which card you should choose. Which helps you to win more battles. I will try to post this blog tomorrow. Follow me for similar content, if you are interested. If you have any questions ask me in the comment below.

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