My second HPUD-December 2022

Hi community,

Today, December 1, 2022, like every first day of every month, is HivePowerUpDay or HivePUD. Performing this power up for me is an important demonstration of commitment towards the entire blockchain, regardless of the day it is performed. However, doing it on the first day of each month with a minimum amount of 10 Hive allows you to participate in HPUD and get an additional benefit over the implicit benefits of doing a power up (More voting power or greater capacity of publications, comments or reblogs per day among other advantages).

If you are interested in learning more about HPUD, I recommend the following @traciyork publication

HPUD post @traciyork

If you are a hispanic user, apart from participating in HPUD globally using the hashtag #hispanichpud and with a minimum power up of 1 Hive you can also enter the Hispanic power up day initiative. More complete information and the requirements for participation can be found in the post of our colleague and friend @victoriabsb that I share with you below.

Hispanichpud post @victoriabsb

The main sources of the HIVE I will be staking have been assembled in the following order from highest to lowest.

Earnings on posts and comments: In the last month, I have had several posts that have been quite well received within the community. It is comforting to see each day one has a greater number of followers, that there are a greater number of comments on the posts one publishes and also that the posts are valued by both individual votes and centralized votes in large curation groups such as @appreciator, @ocdb, @curangel, @blocktrades, @pinmapple or @qurator to name a few that I have received support from.

The second major source of HIVE that I have are the delegations. At this particular moment I have 430 HP delegated out of the current total of 754,577HP in the following projects.

The third way of my HIVE is the awards received in the form of HBD or in the form of HIVE in several of the photo contests. In recent times, I recall receiving awards in the form of HIVE or HBD in the following contests, although I may have forgotten some of them and I apologize in advance for that:

D.Buzz Color Contest organized by @dbuzz and @lauramica
Reflection Hunters Contest organized by @olgavita
Love the Clouds Contest organized by @tobetada
CCC's Street Art Contest organized by @digi-me
Shadow Hunters Contest organized by @melinda010100
Photochain Challenge organized by @davidesimoncini
Beersaturday organized by @detlev

I would like to thank all of them for their efforts in organizing each contest.

Additionally, although it is not strictly speaking a contest. I would like to mention that in the last three weeks I have received a contribution of 1HIVE every week for the prize given by @dbuzz.rewards valuing the quality of the content I publish in this community.

A fourth avenue of growth in Hive and HP generation that I have had this month I have to thank @digi-me for delegating me for 21 days 150HP. Thank you very much, for trusting me with part of your HP.


The last and not least way of Hive generation is the conversion of tokens into Hive through Hive Engenie. Specifically, I had part of my Hive tokens from the past months staked in several projects. The staking of those tokens has generated extra tokens that I have converted back into additional HIVE.

Once explained the different sources of the HIVE that I am going to stake. I show you the steps I have followed to stake 174.001 HIVE in this HIVE Power UP Day from the ecency web page.

First of all, above the HIVE value staked there is an arrow with a drop down menu and within the options I have selected the Power up option.

Subsequently, a window opens. In which we can indicate the amount of HIVE to which we want to Power up.

Next we will have to confirm if we want to perform the indicated operation.

Then, we are asked to sign the operation with hivesigner or by logging in with KeyChain.

Next step, we confirm the staking operation.

Finally, you can check that the HIVE has been staked correctly by obtaining the new HP value.

I hope you have a happy day and week.

Image captures taken on my HP laptop from the PeakD, Ecency and Hive Enginie websites.

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