HIVE POWER UP DAY 1.nov +10 HP, #PUM, delegating HP forward again! 👍


Hi all, this month I wanted to get my 5th power up helper. But haven't had time to find someone or helped with onboarding some. But i'm trying to inspire a colleague with talent, to showcase his work on Hive. Join hive so I can get my 5th powerup helper 1.dec please hehe. 😃 He is on youtube thats why im telling him to join, check him out BBMarko


I delegated hivepower previous month to @fifaguru, and this month I will choose @castri-ja with 150 HP for 3 weeks. I appreciate your engagement in the street art community and our contest. Thank you! Put the hivepower to good use curating others so we all can benefit of all growing their accounts.

others will be growing their HP at the same time, or at least I hope they will


@livinguktaiwan reminded me of that in her November HPUD Guessing Contest - How many piggies? Go join the contest. 👍


Aiming for the 2 last badges as my plan was to hit 8, but yea got a rock at me in july.. And had around 2.9% organic increase. 👍


For my TA perspective on HIVE/USDT, see my previous powerup post. Now in log scale we are printing bullish divergence, as in may-july im expecting us to test $0,77 weekly resistance again. On a reclaime I think we will see $1,3 to Christmas as long as we hold $0,44 or we will probably test $0,31 again.


Happy PUD and PUM, see you next month. Have a greet week. Buy! 😃

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HIVE POWER UP DAY 1.okt +10 HP, #PUM, powerup helper and delegating it forward again!

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