Beginner's Guide to Earning on Hive Part 2 Rising Star Game - caelum1infernum

Welcome to another Beginner guide on how to earn on Hive.

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Today we gonna talk about Rising Star Game yup you heard that right.
For beginners this is one of the best place to start not for long term but for me this is where I start when I was a baby hiver.

1st. you need to download Hive Keychain
This keychain is to save all you password safely and easy excess to it

After you save all your password in the keychain passwords includes Posting key, Active key and Memo key if you do not know how to do this do let me know I will do seperate post about it or teach you here on the spot.

2nd. Register your hive account here -> Registration For Rising Star Game

After you register this is what you see on your screen

3rd. Press 'Start A Mission'

This is what you see when you press the Start A Mission button now just keep doing the 'Illegal Busking' until you are level 2 and do the level 2 mission and so on.

Keep reinvest your starbits to buying more card pack as shown below

  • press the cards icon
  • press the BUY PACKS

  • press the 'Buy Pack with STARBITS & others

  • press '10,000 STARBITS'
  • When you buy with 10k STARBITS your stats grows better and easier for you to earn more STARBITS

  • Before you buy you need to withdraw the STARBITS first shown below

  • Press Startbits

  • Press Withdraw / Deposit

  • Then you can buy card packs or convert it to Hive I will share with you how below

  • Go to HiveEngine

  • Press the 'Swap' button top right on the screen

  • From top to bottom follow exactly what it says like the above picture mentioned.

  • Press withdraw button

  • Write Hive

  • Follow the steps from top to bottom

Congratulations you receive liquid Hive into your wallet you can either power up which I recommend 100% as a newbie or withdraw to other exchange to your own currency. How to change your Hive to Fiat? that is another topic for another day. As always if you have any questions can ask me directly here under the comment section below.

Hope you enjoy this one take care and keep safe hivers!

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