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Welcome To HIVE Blockchain


So you sign up on hive either through ecency or peakd or etc..
Congratulations you just built your digital wallet / blog / video uploader etc.

Basically you open an online business either you here for fun or not in Hive you're basically a business man or business woman I don't know what other people call it but to me this is what we are.

Where Do I Start?

Ask yourself what do you want to do?
If you're a gamer go to THGaming to blog and post pictures about what game you're playing or If you're a game streamer go upload your gaming video on 3Speak . I use 3Speak to upload my restaurant work you can watch it here Caelum1infernum 3speak vids

Let's say you're a poet you can write your poems at Blockchain Poets community even I wrote a few poems there if you're interested to read.

Do you like to do online trading? do you want to teach people how to save money? or anything to do with finance well write about it on Leofinance

Do you like to take hundreds of pictures? post it on Photography lovers

There is so much more you can do in hive some of the list I gave you is just a fraction of community list even most of them I never heard of are here in hive you just need to find it yourself but find something that you're passionate about so it's easier for you to be motivated to write, blog or upload videos on Hive.

Why Do I Need Hive?

There are many reasons why you need hive or want to use hive.
Like I told all my referrals either you use hive for side hustle for extra cash or use hive as a savings account.

I say savings account because that is what I'm currently doing I don't withdraw my hive I put them under Hive Power when you put it under Hive Power you earn 2.8% to 3% APR (it changes) or you can put under HBD savings to get 20% APR you earn monthly payment for just sitting your money in hive. In our current world where everything is money it is good to always have a back up plan or back up money like Hive. Some of my friends here in Hive earning around 10$ per day in my country it's about Rm40 daily X 30days = Rm1200 that money can sustain one single person for a month food, water and rent money that is amazing.

BUT don't expect to be rich overnight you have to work for it of course. If you want to make big money here you can join the discord channel to develop hive the team would love a new development team to join in and improve hive if you have the skills if you're a developer you can join the discord channel here Hive Devs Discord

If you're new in hive you should follow OCD it's beginner friendly area where you can ask people questions there is no stupid question just ask away here is the link OCD Discord

In the future I am going to post videos on Rumble to show people how to use hive the videos will be short and simple so new comers in Hive can understand and use it as a guide do subscribe and share with everyone this channel and let's make this project successful.

caelum1infernum Rumble

Thank you for reading any questions feel free to ask on the comment section below I am happy to help take care and keep safe everyone.

To my referrals hope this can guide you on your next write up.

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If you love what I do you can also support me other ways all listed below thank you in advance.

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