HPUD June 2021 - GROWTH! (and hit 1000+)

I'ts #hivepowerupday, and this time around its been a big change from what it was previously I have powered up over 100 HIVE in the last week alone, but only had over 10 to spare to just make it for this one though.


However I have previously powered up a fair amount of HIVE that I bought from exchanges throughout the various dips in price that we've been experiencing and did think to keep them in the wallet for savings so my #powerup would seem as juicy as some of the others on here but I thought I would show a few that I had done prior to this day also.

I also sell 90% of any HBD I get for HIVE and immediately power that up too ;)


I definitely am on my way to my goal over 10k HIVE before the end of the year!

I always mention that it is still mad to me to be able have 4 figures worth of stake of anything and I can't wait to increase it further.

To close it out I include a hivestats.io screenshot of my account from the last 30 days and whilst it may not be the biggest jump, to those that remember when they were growing their account and those that are starting too, it still makes me happy to look at especially when alot of it was me buying a few dips that I could :)


I am currently sitting at 1272 HIVE POWER and now I've smashed my goal of having 1000 by the end of summer, I'm going to be a bit more ambitious and hope too see near to 5000 by the end and then 10k by the end of the year. I also have a few hundred of some sidechain tokens like POB and LEO but at the momement my main focus is to get that old HP UP!


What is #HivePUD?

#HivePUD is shortened for the Hive Power Up Day. It's an event when Hive members power up their liquid HIVE and stop any active PowerDown! It is organized by great fellow Hivians @streetstyle and @traciyork and it is held every 1st day of a month.

Check all the details about #HivePUD here: @traciyork/welcome-to-hivepud-hive-power-up-day-june-1st-2021

Big love and I hope you've all been keeping safe and sound let me know how your hive journey has been going as of late, picked up any bargains recently?


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