DeFi Dashboard proposal on Hive blockchain

DeFi is getting stronger and stronger on Hive blockchain through TribalDex and BeeSwap platforms which provide sweet rewards to Liquidity Providers. And the space continues to develop with New Pools, but also with different ways to incentivize the users. As one could jump quite heavy as market makers and put serious funds into the available pools, one thing that I have observed is that it becomes a necessity for a DeFi Dashboard to track all this activity.


There are many DeFi Dashboards in the crypto space and one that I like pretty much is the one from Thor Yield for its complete details. Basically, a Liquidity Provider should know at any point the following information.

  • The Earnings compared to HODL
  • The Liquidity Added
  • The Liquidity Withdrawn
  • Total Days in the Liquidity Pool
  • Total Fees and Bonuses earned
  • The Current Value of the assets from the pool

This information should provide by a quick snap where a Liquidity Provider is finding himself at a certain moment in time. With the accelerated growth of Defi on Hive blockchain, I believe that such a Dashboard becomes pretty mandatory. Current platforms contain some information about the position in the LP, earnings per day, and bonuses but I think they can do better. Having such information presented to the end-user simply builds trust and encourages anyone to get on board and dive into the DeFi world from Hive.


Not that I know for sure, but there could be even DeFi Dashboards open sources and any of the current projects could take the layout from there and adapt it to Hive blockchain and the DeFi from here. Or if easier to build one from scratch as the most important thing is to present this information to the end-user. Hopefully, somebody will read this proposal even if it is not something new, but just to know that it is in high demand and it will bring more participants to the Liquidity Pools from here.

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