Introducing Tokenized Reactions

What if i told you that we could take something like... let's say "engagement tokens" and turn it into something that web2 users can relate with... like "reactions" !

Surprised ? Read on


A question ?

Did you understand the concept behind engagement tokens when you first joined ?

That's probably a no. But what if you re-imagine them as something you are familiar with ?


Reactions !!

With today's update of Terrive, engagement token's come as an in-built feature and also as a replacement for reactions ! This makes it way easier for new users ( and old, because you can now call for engagement tokens with one lil' click ).

Supported Tokens

If know about any other engagement tokens please let me know

What else do we get with this release ?

There has been a lot of other changes too ! So here is a list of them !


You can now edit your profile and your posts ( based on feedback from @magnacarta 👈 ) .... and finally we have a logout button ! ( feedback from @introvertspeaks 👈 )


click on the "pen" icon to edit and the "emoji" icon for reactions


Editing the profile is in the ( you guessed it ! ) profile, you can also see that i added a logout button 👆

Images fit to screen

The Images are now fit to screen and looks better than before.


Fit to screen

Unread notifications

Unread notifications are now marked in blue, i will be working on improving the notifications much more in the future !


Unread notifications of the account @null 👆

All that and a few performance tweaks !

What is Terrive

Terrive is a decentralized Photo and Video Sharing platform powered by the HIVE blockchain and IPFS.

IPFS Hash: QmedSb9absK21qWfqQGA5L4qcQMTPzASbYzbkt5hijhdMR
IPNS link: /ipns/


I kinda got side tracked a lil' bit with something else this time so sorry about being so inactive the last few days, but i'll definitely make a post about what i made !

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