Almost halfway through 'ALICE' - A Sci-fi Kdrama.

The crazy thing about we cinephiles is that we don't mind adding something to our watchlist even if it feels like it's going to be a confusing show to watch. As far as we find something fascinating about it, we jump in and have a blast with it.

I watch an awful lot of TV shows where the plot revolves around medicine, law, business, history, politics and even stuff about crimes and hardcore investigation.

I have background in finance and business so it's always easy to flow with plots in that area, but what I've noticed from my desire to explore other mentioned genres is that it has equally widened my scope in those areas.

When I see ('see' because I mostly watch Kdramas with English subtitles) a line that is new to me - or a line that sounds poetic -, I usually screenshot it and do some research about it. I also do the same for words that are alien to me.

In that regard, I think I'm even more curious than a curious cat. Haha. This brings me to a tv show (Kdrama) which I started watching this weekend.



Name: Alice
Genre: Sci-fi
Setting: 90s, 2010, 2020 and 2050.

Something about doppelgangers, time travelling, physics, crime, investigation and much more. Sounds fascinating, right?

I just finished a Kdrama two days ago that was purely historical. It has 48 episodes and took me a whole month to watch. Haha.

When I checked my watchlist, I decided to go with some fictional story and this has been very exciting. I'm enjoying every part of it with all the twists and turns which makes each episode even more fascinating.

I'm at the 6th of 16 episodes and I'm already feeling like a quantum physicist. Haha.


I see why this Kdrama is rated 8.9 in Asian Wiki. By the time I get to the last episode, I may just be convinced enough to start looking for a 'time card' that will send me to 2050. Haha.

This week is going to be exciting. I have a couple of Kdramas which I have already finished watching and I should be writing the reviews or doing some research report about some things related to it, but all the data I need are in my laptop and my laptop is in a mess right now.

If I successfully get it fixed within the week, there will be so many kdrama reviews and recommendations coming your way. Haha.

Will I recommend "Alice" to y'all?

Maybe, maybe not... But I'm not in a haste.

By the time I get to the final episode, I will write a review of the series. Look forward to that to see my rating for the highly rated Kdrama. Haha.

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