Life Is A Finite Resource For Everyone End Everything.

You'll never be able to read all the novels you want to. You can never learn all the skill sets you desire to have by self-training. You can never do what you want to do or be everything you want to be. With the ones you love, you can never spend as much time as you would like. You will never be able to experience every shade, timbre, and variety of bodily and mental sensation that exists. Like everyone else, you have a lot of limitations.

In the game of life, each of us is dealt a certain set of unforeseen restrictions and playing field variables. How are you going to play the cards that have been handed to you? You may either dwell on its absence or give yourself the tools to play the game wisely and creatively, making the best of each and every outcome as it comes about, even when it's devastating and difficult to accept.

Focusing on the important things is what matters most in the end. You are able to fully appreciate all of the opportunities and sources of beauty in your life while they are still present.

Let's get back to the idea of being constrained by the fact that you can't spend all the time you want with the people you love. One of the hardest limits to deal with is when someone you love goes away too soon, yet the general strategies for dealing with this kind of tragic constraint also work in less dire circumstances.

Imagine that a person who gave your life purpose is suddenly absent from it (at least not in the flesh), and that without them you are a different person. You must alter who you are because you are suddenly your best friend's lonesome companion, a widow instead of a wife, a father without a daughter, or another.

Death is an ending, which is a vital component of life, as you can see. Additionally, beauty requires ends since without them it is difficult to appreciate anyone or anything because there are no limits to them. Death is the absolute limit, serving as a reminder that you should be conscious of this lovely person or circumstance and cherish this precious thing we call life. Limits illuminate beauty. Death is also a beginning because, despite the fact that you have lost a loved one, this ending is an opportunity for reinvention, just like every loss. Even though it's terrible, their loss pushes you to start over, and this chance to encounter beauty in fresh, undiscovered ways and places comes with this reinvention. Finally, death is a natural opportunity to honour a person's life and to be with them forever.

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