Sometimes a helping hand and a bull’s spirit are needed to continue.

It is fine to ask for help whenever we need it. In reality, there are things that we cannot do; there are challenges that we are scared of facing; and there are things that we cannot do alone. Sometimes, we just need a helping hand and a bull’s spirit to go on.

Last week, when I passed by a neighboring municipality, I was mesmerized by a huge statue of a man and a bull, so I took a shot of it. And now, it made me remember about something that made my day. The man’s hand could be a helping hand and the bull reflects a deeper sense of power, strength, courage, and perseverance to move forward in life.

Do you often ask for help?

Personally, when I do not know about a certain matter, I usually ask for other’s help. I do not really act as if I know everything. And I am also humble enough to admit that I am wrong as I stand corrected.

Earlier today, @ifarmgirl, has published a content about a walkthrough for newbies on how to buy hive from Ecency, convert HBD into Hive, transfer HBD into savings, and withdraw HBD savings from wallet.

And on her post, she once said:

“I learnt that my namesake CJ (pinkchic), being a newbie here in Hive didn’t know how to power up. And in the thought of guiding her how, I went checking her account and noticed that her HBD was sitting on her wallet and it wasn’t even on the HBD savings.”

In fact, she figured out that there are some processes in Hive wallet that I did not know and she had discovered that I did not know how to trade them with $HIVE and I am not aware of the 20% APR on savings.

This idea led her to create a simple walkthrough which are really intended for newbies that was a step-by-step guide to wallet transactions.

Honestly, she was totally right. When I joined the Hive community, all I had in mind was to create a content and write about significant things. Until such time that I met a lot of kind people who are very much willing to help without expecting something in return. They are always there when I needed them although I do not know them in the real word, but the acts of kindness are so loud.

With-honest-to-goodness, I do not really know how Hive works but every single day, I am exploring. I am a beginner who is always hungry for learning.

I firmly believe that none of us has started from being a master, but every legend was actually an inquisitive beginner.

Every so often, we are scared to continue our passion because we do not know what to do and we are afraid of moving out from our comfort zone. And sometimes, we are not even aware of how to do things properly.

The man’s hand and the bull touched me today.

One thing I realized today is on how we could continually move forward with the help of other people. I have also learned that sometimes, a helping hand a bull’s spirit are what we need to continue.

No matter how difficult a situation is, when we have a helping hand, the burden becomes lighter. Perhaps a helping hand gives hope for somebody to continue moving forward.

Every difficult moment becomes easier when we have got someone who would just be there for us with our own capabilities and limitations. But the biggest challenge is to be able to have an inspiration to move forward in life despite a difficult day.

Moreover, we just need the spirit of the bull to continue. In a deeper sense, the bull possess a great passion to continue with resilience and perseverance. Just like the bull, when we are faced with any difficulty in life, having its spirit would empower us to endure against various challenges and obstacles in life.

For what matters most is how we embrace courage, strength, faith, hope, and perseverance, like a bull that never cease to move forward with a helping hand that never fails to save us.

Sometimes, we just have to believe that we cannot move forward alone, although we need to drive alone in a winding road without no company. But it is only thew bravest could drive alone in a lonely pavement of life, and the strongest could be those who are seeking for the help of others.

Let us always remember that seeking for help does not mean that we are not strong enough to stand. When we ask help from somebody, it is not a weakness, but it is a matter of self-awareness with regard to our own capabilities, strengths, weaknesses, and limitations. Perhaps it is a matter of being brave and wise enough to learn from others so we could continue to dance for life.

Disclaimer: All texts and pictures are my own, unless otherwise stated.

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