My feet lead me to where I am today.

I have not set foot on this ground in thirteen years. Returning to my alma mater, Mindanao State University- Iligan Institute of Technology, is terrific.

Good and unpleasant memories abound from my life. I have visited numerous locations. I encountered new acquaintances, cultures, experiences, and settings there.

Perhaps, like my foot, which had experienced many hardships and joys, it brought me to where I am now. A foot can be compared to human personalities and experiences in that wherever I walk, there will always be a mix of failure, success, and lessons learned.

My life was truly unpredictable. I never thought I would conquer the dark times of life, nor could I achieve my dreams despite our status.

Though I was able to face the battles, there were also times that I failed.

I have to admit that I have had a lot of losses, and I have cried a river of tears, but those failures, made me even bolder and more decisive.

At the back of my mind was a positive thought from a pure heart, constantly pushing me to move forward so I would successfully reach the summit.

Gains and losses paved the way for me to build a strong character and be better than I was yesterday.

I always choose to live humbly with gains and losses. Every increase deducted from loss would increment success if aligned adequately to a target. I must say that success is relative, and the fruits of success are always worth the struggles, pains, and sufferings.

Indeed, the road toward success will always be full of twists and turns, gains and losses. However, difficulties will always make every soul more resilient in life.

Taste difficulty today and savor the fruits of success tomorrow. And sooner I came to realize that everything is so worth it. No one could genuinely stop someone very willing and determined to move forward, no matter how challenging the situation is. It is just a matter of living a life with a more excellent favor for positivity over negativity.

Personally, while I am dwelling my life positively in as much as I can, I choose to live humbly with gains and losses.

I have been telling the world that life back then was the hardest, that I am not born with a silver spoon, but through grace, I can move forward and lift myself, somehow I may be weakly potent, yet I am following the road less taken with a firm conviction in life.

With extra doses of hard work and determination, I was able to achieve my dreams not to brag but to inspire the restless and hopeless.

From being a poor little girl, I felt happy now that I was able to make progress, and I could able to look back at my past reflection with a better shadow of myself in the present.

I believe that education paves an avenue to acquire a fountain of knowledge, attitude, skills, and habits. It is truly a life-long process with a never-ending cycle. I significantly affirm that placing a high value on education would surely change life for the better.

I am always open to more room for improvement, making myself teachable and, thus, being available for new learning in all aspects and perspectives of life.

And now, I cheerfully dwell and happily live my life by continuously wondering and wandering everywhere.

May my travels and feet lead me to new locations where I can discover and experience new forms of beauty.

Disclaimer: All texts and pictures are my own unless otherwise stated.

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