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Life is in stages, Don't skip yours!!

I have come to understand that in this life there are Seasons and Times. Life is Life a coin, each time you throw it, it flips sides. It may seems as if your life is on a stage, things are happening so fast, exploits, achievements, good times, tough times all happening in sequence.
Then suddenly it looks as if God takes you off the stage and puts you behind the scene to prep you for the next Season.


There is every tendency to want to react, become angry and grumpy or even run back on stage.
You begin to feel like God is done with you or you have backslided, you might even get depressed and feel like giving up on everything....... Nooo, don't do that. I understand that it might be the default reaction to this circumstance but I need you to understand this now, Its Seasons!!


Ask Joseph, He showed up at 17,full of dreams,boldness courage the he got into prison for something he didn't do and wholla!! The next we would hear of Him was at 30,He emerged as Prime Minister under Pharaoh's service. Gen 41:46.

We could call David, anointed as a teenager, did exploits with the bear and Goliath. So skillful with the Harp that his play could chase evil would think he would become the king immediately, but no....he went through another phase of hiding and running from Saul in the process of which God cooked/prepped him...then he showed up and became king at 30.
2 Samuel 5:4

Then we can See Jesus, showed up at 12, so wise he made the Headlines, that He was teaching the teachers at the Synagogue...."He went off stage", and emerged at 30.. Its not the numbers, its the season!! Some time it lasts for a short time, sometime for a long time..but be sure you are not on stage when God has taken you off for some more cooking.

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