Christmas blessings is my wish for every member of this wonderful community. Good day, and do have an incredible new week. Since I've only recently joined, this is my first post, and I'm hopeful that I'll be accepted.

As a first-time mother, I'd want to share some of the experiences I've had thus far. You can see that managing a 2-year-old child, my spouse, running errands, and household duties haven't been simple.

My profession requires me to bake, cook, and run a few web businesses, therefore I work from home. Firstly, I want to thank God for allowing me to experience a stress-free pregnancy. My husband was always there to support, help, and care for me in any way he could.

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He was just wonderful, and I was glad that I wasn't going through this alone myself because he was with me the entire delivery day. We were overjoyed when our baby girl, our little princess, came safely, thanks to God.

Since our bundle of joy has arrived, there have been many adjustments, struggles, and even sleepless nights when you hear her wail just as you are ready to nod off. I usually tell myself, "OMG, here we go again," when this happens.

I'm happy that our relationship has so far been a pretty wonderful one. She is a two-year-old angel with unmatched agility who is also incredibly sharp and intelligent. Anything I can do for her.


I don't know if anyone else in the room experiences this in some way, but occasionally my partner makes me feel unappreciated. Working together to accomplish a similar objective, especially with the kid, makes me so happy, especially when he helps me out with some tasks to share, which is my love language.

What do you think? In your opinion, is it a simple thing if my spouse assists in bathing our child? I can recall asking my husband for assistance with bathing her when she was around a year old or so. He understands that I'm busy with other tasks that can take a while to complete and replies that she's still too young and delicate for him to handle now, but that he'll be helping me out with stuff like that when she turns two.

Usually, I'll be patient with him and remind myself that she will soon clock two when I'm genuinely unhappy, which will be evident in my face and behavior. He assists with other household tasks, so that's not to imply he doesn't help her too, but I wanted him to be more involved with her. Or did I ask for too much since that was all I wanted?


I no longer give much thought to what he does for her; instead, I just do what I can to unwind, maintain my health, and maintain my mental stability. But when I'm not able to do things for our daughter, like brushing her teeth, and when he asks why I explain that I was exhausted after finishing the other chores so I needed to rest and that he can help me out with it, that's when he started saying things like,

You just have one child now and you can't take care of her," "What if there were more, how will you take care of them," or maybe he should also cook the meals for me as well. Oh my goodness, his hurtful remarks make me feel so frustrated, angry, and bitter.

Since he's aware of how much I love our daughter, he's saying such naughty and hurtful words to me. It can take me days to process what he said and to get the words out of my head. As a result, I feel mentally exhausted.

Do you have a love language, and if so, how does it aid you with your spouse and household duties? I'm not sure if there are any other parents, partners, or anyone who has had a lot of parenting experience who would be ready to share how they deal with and manage the situation with us.

I appreciate you taking the time to read my post.

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