SHARE - the token for passive income from cryptotrading

If you do want to take part in crypto trading and have some profit from your HIVE asset but do not have enought time for that or experience, I, @stranger27, propose you pay attention to SHARE token that is issued on HIVE-ENGINE platform.

Initial offer: 1 SHARE = 1 HIVE

What will Investors get ?

  1. I'm going to pay out profit that was earned due to crypto trading twice a month. At the moment I can't promise some exact % because all depends on market conditions and opportunities but I expect it to be no less then 5% per month.
  2. I'm going to take 10% of the trading result. If there will profit I will take 10% from it and if there will be loss you can sell SHARE token at 10% discount from my order on the HIVE-ENGINE.
  3. The profit will be distributed according to the number of SHAREs that investor has in his account. For example: I earned by some trading operation 50 HIVE and at the moment of profit distribution there are only 2 investors: first has 10 SHAREs, second - 40 SHAREs. With such result I will get 5 HIVE (10%), first investor will get 45 * 10 / (10 + 40) = 9 HIVE. And second participant will get 45 * 40 / (10 +40) = 36 HIVE. Profit distribution can happen any time as soon as I have some result and it won't be announced before in order to avoid price manipulation on HIVE-ENGINE

About my trading strategy

  • I maintain mid-risk trading strategy that based on 2 principles: - enter the market only where is high probability of profit - safety of the assets is main priority
  • The main trading pair is HIVE/USDT but if there will be good opportunity I can trade HIVE/BTC or some other pair
  • I tend to mid-term trading with several operations per week.
  • My strategy is based mostly on technical analysis (Bollinger Bands indicator, Stochactic RSI indicator, Elliot Waves theory)
  • Trading platforms: Binance, Cryptex24, Hive-Engine

Current state of HIVE/USDT pair

Here is current trade possibiliti that I'm going to use in near term. I am going to sell HIVE in the 0.28-0.30 zone if main scenario will come true, otherwise I'm going to sell if Hive fail to pass the middle line of Bollinger Bands. Then I will buy at cheaper price to get more Hive. You can trade it yourself or buy SHARE and just get the result. Or just skip it if you disagree with this idea. All is up to you.

The above mentioned conditions can change in future after discussions with active Investors. I like WIN-WIN strategy and open to any valuable proposal. Well, now I think you have all required info to take decision.

Be happy and have good profit!

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