A Boy Did Pee In The Pant In The Swing

Hey have you ever listened, a guy who does pee while getting into the swing and when the swing starts tossing up and down. Yes you have read right and I'll tell you the whole story in this post.

The Comedy Rumble


Image By Pixabay By Momentmal

In my area different fairs are conducted and people go there for entertainment. They go there to visit different things, different stalls, wrestling and other funny things. Similarly I also love to go to the fairs and r joy there. I especially eat different sweets and drinks and love to enjoy the swings.

So recently I went with my brother to the nearest fair. There was a great rush of people there and there was a separate section of swings. The swings were horrible and well heighted as well. So my brother asked me if we should try to swing and he was desiring desperately to cradle in the swings.

So we bought tickets and now the story enters in the interval so after buying tickets we entered the swings sections and people were trying them and taking cradles. And there was also a group of different friends and this time it was their turn to take cradles. But the interesting thing is that from one of them was fearing off seeing the larger swings and was shivering little bit 不 but their friends were holding him and they were forcing him to entered the swing.

So at last he got into the swing and when the swing was started he was quite silent but as the swing was going up and higher he started screaming and shivering. He was saying stop the swing, stop the swing and let me go at every cost. But when the swing was coming down he was hugging his friend because he was sitting with his friend as two people could sit in a cabin of the swing.

So finally the moment reached when he did pee in the swing 不五. So it was the second or third round of the swing and when the swing reached at the peak where the swing could go, at that time he screamed again and when the swing was coming down and down, his pee was also dripping down.

His pee was dripping down on other people who were also in the swing. And his friend was also affected by his pee. And everyone who was there was laughing madly.

But the other funny thing is that the swing was still in rotation 不 and he was still yelling and again and again he was facing it. And while he was screaming his pee was automatically started but not all the time. This scene made everyone laugh.

And now it was our turn to enter the swing, you will be surprised that I also refused to enter the swing after seeing him. But my brother forced me to enter. So finally I entered the swing and the swing started. When I experienced the cradle, it was also horrible for me. And I hold it hardly, but I didn't do pee 五.

Hey guys if you have seen such a scene then don't forget to tell me in the comment section. Let's have fun.

Yours: @uop

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