The COMedy Rumble Announcement - The Listnerds Edition ( 90 Hive + 50 HBD And More In Rewards)


This post marks the beginning of the month-long COMedy Rumble. It will end on the 30th of July lasting a full month.


What Is The COMedy Rumble

It is a new kind of contest format we think it might be more fun than the usual format of 1st, 2nd, and third place plus honorable mentions.

Instead, we will have different categories that different people could compete for.

We also aim to give more value to good posts beyond the usual weekly rewards, whether those rewards come from the contest or the usual payout.

Some posts and their authors will be eligible for rewards even after the COMedy Rumble is over.


Before we go into the rules and prizes for the COMedy Rumble we must talk about Listnerds as it is the main reason we are able to do this month-long, hopefully exciting contest.

You can join Listnerds Here


ListNerds is the first hybrid viral mailer and content discovery tool based on the Hive blockchain. It introduced 'proof of mail' into the industry which allows users to not only guarantee their messages are seen and read, but encourages the entire community to engage with the content which creates a win-win for everyone involved!

-- @jongolson


To differentiate entries to the contest from regular COM posts, we have set two different requirements.


These are essential and without them any post wouldn't count as an entry to the contest.

  • Posts must be at least 400 words long

  • You must include a link to this post somewhere in your entree

  • One of your tags must be "TheCOMedyRumble"

  • Entries must be in English or include an English translation

  • Leaving a link to your posts in the comment section below.



These ones aren't required to enter the contest but will be appreciated if included.

  • The post title should include The COMedy Rumble:. For example, The COMedy Rumble: Your Title Here.

  • Including Listnerds as one of your tags

  • Reblogging this post

  • Nominating two people to participate

As we said, these are merely suggestions and aren't required to be eligible for the prizes although they'd be greatly appreciated.

the prizes.png

Click here to learn further about each category

The Comedy Title: 10 HBD + 20 Listnerds each week.

The Longest Laugh: 25 Hive + 35 Listnerds given by the end of the contest.

The COMedy Counter: 15 Hive + 25 Listnerds given by the end of the contest.

The COMedy Average: 20 Hive + 30 Listnerds given by the end of the contest.

The COMedy Nerd 30 Hive + 10 HBD + 50 Listnerds given by the end of the contest.

The Listnerds Comedian 50 Listnerds + 300 CTP given by the end of the contest. This one will be given to the winner among those who join Listnerds and share their posts there.



There will be more prizes to hand out based on engagement as well as a weekly draw.


How Will The Entrees Be Judged

First of all, there's the main Comedy Open Mic team (@amirtheawesome1, @thisismylife, @lisfabian) who will be reading entries.

Second, comments and engagement, if found, will be taken into consideration.

Third, some posts will be shared on Listnerds and that will play a part as well.


Thank You For Reading

Should this edition of the COMedy proof be successful, we will have other editions with different categories and even more prizes.

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