The Great Modem Reset

It has been nearly a whole day since home internet went down. Recognizing this as a sign that anarchy and devastation are upon us, we quickly grabbed what food and firearms we could and fortified ourselves within the bunker. The children huddle fearfully in the corner, probably because they're not our children. I'm not even sure how they got there, but strange circumstances arise during desperate times. The dog, understanding the gravity of the situation, and more attuned to the mayhem that surely must be happening in the village below, has been barking out his alarm the entire time. It is a soothing relief from the cries of the children. The thirst already has us all on edge. We have a steady supply of fresh running water, but without any coffee, tea, or sugar left to add to it, and no alcohol to wash it down with, none of us can bear to drink more than barest survival rations. The children wail ever louder at the mere suggestion. We've been able to to keep them barely in line by giving them small bits of the marijuana brownies we were enjoying when IT happened. They complain of hunger constantly and beg for more, but we must ration carefully if we're to survive this. I keep myself fed of course... I must remain hale and sharp in case marauders breach the perimeter. I tried teaching the children to wield firearms, but they continue to cringe in fear every time I approach them with guns. It is heartless to say, I know, but already I fear they are becoming a dead weight that we will have to cut loose soon. Nobody wants to contemplate such horrors, but again, strange circumst...

Someone is here. I hear them probing the perimeter of the house above. It's a man, yelling something I can't quite hear. We quickly gag the children so their cries won't give away our position. Their poor terrified faces, crying for help... do they not realize that I am TRYING to help them? The dog is still barking wildly outside, but the man seems to pay him no heed. He's trying to lure us out, I think. Yes, I can definitely hear him yelling into the house "Hello! I'm here to look at your internet connection..."

Nice try, looter. Move along quietly, and we'll have no problems here. I wonder how many of the sheeple down below fell for his farce? We'll go into town to scavenge in a few days, after the crazy people have weeded themselves out a little. It's still unbelievable to me that so many people were unprepared for this. Couldn't they see the signs? Did they just ignore all the warnings? Didn't they read ANYTHING on the internet?

We left the house looking like it had already been abandoned and looted, and the intruder soon decides it's not worth his time and leaves. I hear him report back to his comrades that no one is home, and the place looks like it was robbed. Simple people are so easy to fool. I hear him say something about the police, but I don't expect we'll be seeing them again in my lifetime. He'll make a clean getaway this time, I have bigger worries.

I'm trying to hurry this message out, while I still have internet through my cellular phone. I do not know when I'll have another chance to communicate with outsiders, or indeed if this will transmit successfully. All I can do is hit SEND and hope...

Stay safe out there, my friends. The power grid at least is holding, for now. We'll probably wait until after the grid goes down to emerge... I think the worst of the mayhem should have settled down by then. I'll have the generator up and running quickly, and my IPFS node should be back up shortly afterward. Hang in there my friends, we will rebuild. Hopefully this time, we will get it right. Hopefully, this time, we'll build a world that the children (are there more of them? Who keeps letting these kids in?) can be safe in.

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