Top 10 signs you're turning into your mom



1 - Tupper Class: You've never bought Tupperware in your life but your fridge suddenly has colorful "airtight" boxes with leftover food, failed attempts at baking, your secret cake stash.

2 - One night not standing: You just want a big bed, with huuuge pillows and nobody but you on it. Not even if Chris Hemsworth wants to share it!

3 - Can't keep up, so give up: You can't keep up with the new social media, just when you figured out what a reel is, the kids are moving onto something else.


4 - Hello Sun: You wake up at the time you used to go to sleep.
5 - Feed me! : You're feeding everyone. There is more food in your bag than cosmetics. Those tuppperware boxes hold all the extra food you've ordered and you're ready for any hungry soul that crosses your path.

6 - Work hard, Party hardly: The last party you went to ended at 7 pm so that you can make your precious 9 pm bedtime. You had one glass of wine and were tipsier than a college kid at an open bar.

7 - Whose line is it anyway? :"Money doesn't grow in trees." "Don't come crying to me later." "I told you so." "Wait till you have kids". Standard mom-to-tired dictionary phrases ooze out of your mouth involuntarily.

8 - I'm on hoard: There is a closet in your hose where you have stashed things that you might need some day. Maybe if there's an apocalypse or less likely if the queen comes to visit.

9 - Remember remember? I have forgotten the ninth point.

10 - You're reading this list with increasing dread...

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