Trip to Ghost Forest Lu Quan, a painting in the middle of mountains and forests.

Ghost Forest Lu Quan.

Hello friends. For me, Da Lat is quite an attractive place, because there are many interesting and attractive places.

Hello friends, today I would like to introduce to you a rather special place called Ma Rung Lu Quan, a very famous place in Da Lat, located at Address: Lat, Lac Duong District, Lam Dong, Da Lat.


I know this place through the famous movie theatre called “Taxi, what is your name? “. This is a place that was once chosen as a filming place and now it is a very attractive address in Da Lat, in the top 5 hottest addresses in Da Lat today.


Photo credit:Ma Rung Lu Quan


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To me, it is a special place, like the winding road to this place. After nearly 1 hour of travelling through the forest, crossing the straits, we finally arrived at this place. What impressed me most was the unpaved road at the entrance to the site. It must be said that the road is very difficult and very dangerous if the steering wheel is not steady, it is an unpaved road, and there are no corridors on either side of the path if it is a rainy day or the day before. it was raining, strongly recommend not to come. It was a lucky day for me because it was a beautiful day. We were near the destination, but Google Maps couldn't find it anymore and said that the place I wanted to go to was completed, but actually, I still hadn't reached the place I really wanted to go to, so I asked the people near that place and guided the way. When I first started on the trail I felt a little scared, but when the path got narrower and next to it was a deep valley below, I had to go through that part to get there, I was really We were very confused and scared, but in the end, we decided to continue because we thought that “when we are close to our goal, we should not give up.” Going through that waistline makes me want to escape my heart. The location is located deep near the top of the mountain, going a little deeper, you will see the shape of a gentle, beautiful purple villa with a dreamy confetti arrangement.



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This place can be a sightseeing spot, as well as a film studio for wedding photography, for visitors, the ticket price is 25,000 VND for adults, babies are free, for those who come to take wedding photos there will be a fee. Price for a group of 5 people is 1,500,000 VND-2,000,000 VND.


As soon as I walked in, I found this place beautiful and special, lightly painted by the artist, a little bit romantic. The entrance is planted with flowers along the path, past the entrance, there will be a small cafe located in the centre of the aisle, providing drinking water and fast food. When you come here, it will be really cool if you don't take the time to walk around, there will be many beautiful photo angles, especially next to the cafe is a green, quiet lake next to a lake. With a small stream, this is definitely a great place for those who love nature, like to immerse themselves in a quiet space.



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Although this place is nestled in a deserted pine forest, for me or for those who love nature, it is a wonderful place because the air here is extremely fresh, cool, and the birds chirping on the branches. , with beautiful flowers, and even the murmur from the stream.


If you want to come here to visit, there are 3 ways to get there. The first is to rent a motorbike by yourself and turn on Google Map, the second way is to call a taxi to the place but have to ask the driver to wait until the tour is finished because this place is quite deserted, calling the car back to the city centre is also not what easy. The third way is the safest and easiest way for those of you travelling in groups or families with many people is to buy a day tour experience package in the city centre, there will be a shuttle bus to take you to the destination. Popular travel to and from the same day will be more convenient for those of you who do not know how to drive a motorbike and do not know the road.


Thank you for reading my post. Wishing you much health and joy in life.


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