8 Miles on the Grand Union Leicester Arm - Epic Wednesday Walk

Hail to the Hive!

This morning I needed to run a few errands back in the City Centre of Leicester but we had moved Badger the Narrowboat all the way out to Kilby Bridge, a good 8 miles away. The Thought of takng the bus filled me with misery so I thought, hmmmmmm what about an epic 8 Mile hike in seeing as how it's pretty nice weather??


Now it would have been maybe 30 mins quicker to have walked along the road but that wouldn't have been nearly as lovely and I know this stretch of canal very well now so 8 miles it is.

Let's have it!


And what a glorious morning to set off. It was 7:55am and my appointment in town was 11:45. I figured I could do it in 2 and a half hours and have time for a coffee and pastry in town


Now there's 12 locks to pass but seeing as how I am on foot they won't hold me up like they normally do when we are on the boat and they make a handy reference point as I know lock 41 is the one just before we hit the city centre. So this is the 1st of 12.

One down and the locks can't slow me down 😄.


It's a little overgrown but the whole wildness of it is just envigorating me this morning. SO much better than walking down the road with traffic whizzing by.

I mean, how much more still and calm could a setting get?


1 mile down and only 7 miles to go he he


2nd lock of 12 coming up


Walking along the tow path gives me a very different perspective than driving Badger the Narrowboat. Fot a start I can stop and take multiple photos under bridges as opposed to steering the boat with my backside while quickly snapping away as I pass underneath.


Making progress now as thats now 3 of 12 locks passed. The sun is getting a little warmer now and I'll confess to getting a bit of a sweat on. Glad @millycf1976 reminded me to bring water. What would I do without her....die of thirst probably.


Talking of thirst this dudes back yard has a Bar mock up with signs and pumps and stuff. Nice little spot.


There's a bunch of locks close together here


yup another. When your boating this really slows you down as depending on whether you need to empty or fill them it can take 10 to 15 mins to get through


but today I can do a Dionne Warwick....and walk on by....


I was going to say that you can tell you are getting closer to the city by the amount of tagging graffiti on the lock gates and then the next one had none. So Who knows what the motivation is?


Clean as a whistle


Ok 3 miles down 5 to go


As this walk progresses and I am only approaching half way the nagging realisation that I will have to doa return journey is flashing through my mind.


The weather is holding but it keeps suggesting, in a very subtle way today, that it may rain should it choose to do so. Please don't!


ok lock 36 passed so only 5 remain. This walkway looks pretty lush


Ok now I am 100% enjoying this decision as I keep running into views like this. And where is everyone? Are they mad? Get on down to the canal you donuts it's beautiful.


Half way point. And this is a very familiar spot for me as we have moored the boat here on many occasion. It's a great spot to chill for a few days.


I can see a couple of boats are doing that in the distance just ahead.


Big old working boat waiting to get through Blue Banks lock. This boat would dwarf little old Badger.


3 miles to go.


This sight always makes me smile. horses so close to the centre of the city with a housing estate just behind. It's nice to have these green spaces so close to the urban sprawl. It's good for people, for their health, for their minds.


Another familiar spot. Kings Lock.


With the Cafe on it. Great little place.


Looking back at Kings Lock.


And then literally around the next corner this. Love a bit of street art though. Or is it Canal art????


We are getting close now


yup thought so.


Only 3 locks to go


Suddenly I could hear someong softly calling out " Hey Baldy " I look around and it's my old mate @mingetoot on his way to Aylestone on an errand. Here he is giving the traditional friendly local greeting haha


Marys Mill Lock and the penultimate lock before we hit the city proper.


Lock 41 ahead and the city buildings are looming.


And finally 12 locks and 8 miles of Wednesday Walking and I can get off the canal right here in the city.


and emerge near the Old Magazine Building which acted at one point as one of the gates to the city.


SO now to do my errands and I have all that to look forward to again on my way back to the boat

Lovely 😜



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