Hi, my name is Omid, I am 27 years old.
I live in difficult conditions in Iran.
My purpose in opening an account is to introduce the places I have traveled to and perhaps no one knows.
Please follow the posts I have left so far, and if you like it, please like it.
I ask you sponsors, please support me so that I can introduce nature and tourist places to earn money.
We have really bad current conditions in Iran, economically our income is completely below zero, that is, if you have a job, the cost of living is equal to income and there is nothing left to save.
I have a monthly salary of dollars, if it is calculated, I get a monthly salary of $ 250, which I pay for my life.
If we travel or have fun, we leave behind the savings of my mother or my wife's family, and their help can help us progress. My mother @pari51924 is a teacher and her monthly salary is about $ 400, and this poverty has not been eradicated in Iran for several years.
I ask you supporters to help me meet the needs of my family.
Please, if you have any questions, ask me, I will be happy to explain or if you want to talk about it, I hope you like my blog. Thank you very much



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