See The World #45 - I Giardini Di Zoe, The Castle of the Wolves, The Fortress of Deva and The Roman Thermal Baths

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I always considered history as being one of the major players when it comes to keep alive a country or region with everything that used to be in the past. What about you though? Do you consider this aspect being so important as I do?

Hence why, despite my love for wild places, mountains and nature in general, I do like that from time to time to travel to some historical places where I know that I'll return from with a lot of new knowledge and cool information about the past of my beautiful home country.

Even though our journey began in a quite modern and new location from Romania, called I Giardini di Zoe where you will find a genuine piece of Italy brought on the lands of Romania, the story from behind is really impressive talking about an Italian who created everything by hand for his niece whom he had a particular love for.

But our journey couldn't come to an end so soon, because just 1,5 km away from Banpotoc Gardens, we found Castelul Lupilor (The Castle of the Wolves) which is dating for centuries and where it's presumed that we can talk about a haunted castle where from time to time there can be noticed the ghosts of the wolves who fought alongside the Dacians for years.

Finding a little bit more about our Dacian ancestors, we decided to continue the day in the same style by going to a fortress that was built on the remains of a Dacian settlement which is very important for the country, having an incredible story about how everything was created, named Cetatea Deva (The Fortress of Deva).

After visiting so many historical and unique places for the both the country and the whole world, we didn't let the guard any lower and made our journey come to an end by visiting Băile Termale Romane (Roman Thermal Baths) which are unique in the world and have been here for over 2 millennia.

The places you'll see in the video I already wrote about and you can find more about them on here:

  1. I Giardini Di Zoe (Banpotoc Gardens)
  2. Castelul Lupilor (The Castle of the Wolves)
  3. Cetatea Deva (The Fortress of Deva)
  4. Băile Termale Romane (Roman Thermal Baths)

We enjoyed this amazing trip after we celebrated Easter in this part of the world and that's why the places were more crowded than usual, but it was such an awesome day with lots of cool places and new information learned which I would repeat anytime! 😍


Video recorded with: GoPro HERO 7
All rights reserved to @gabrielatravels


All rights reserved.

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