Let's travel together #195 - Castelul Lupilor (The Castle of the Wolves)

While for some might seem like an atypical construction with an interesting name, for me it felt different visiting The Castle of the Wolves. It was a different energy. A feeling that, somehow, I was returning home, but a home that I've never seen before.


Even though COVID did strike the tourism quite badly, I have to admit that in the past 10 years the tourism from Romania evolved pretty much, bringing in attention a lot of cool sightseeing attractions, unique in Europe, unique in the World, and even worthy of the record book.
The theme and approach are at everyone's discretion where imagination is the only limit, even if some of them might not really have a story to be shared.
However, Castelul Lupilor is not one of them, because it has a lot of stories to be shared while it's located on the lands of the genesis of one of the oldest historical legends of Romania and Transylvania.
The castle is located in Hunedoara County, just 1,5 km away from our previous discovery I Giardini di Zoe and it was literally impossible for us to cross the street without stopping by, especially after the name of the castle aroused a lot of personal curiosities since I always had a weakness for wolves and to learn as much as possible about their behaviour and everything these amazing creatures are doing.

I often hear that each one of us has an inner animal. Or an animal that we associate ourselves with.
But the more I've read about wolves, the more I got convinced that we are talking about some of the smartest creatures in the world and saying that humans descended from monkeys it's one of the biggest lies. You would be really surprised to find out that monkeys mean nothing compared to the behaviour and way of thinking wolves have, which is more alike with people.


However, during the time, I realized that no matter in what context I hear the word wolf and what connections it has with the beautiful animals - it's impossible to be disappointed. So for me, it was more than a curiosity to check out the castle, but most likely a special call given by the wolves. Like they were waiting for me for so long to stop by and visit the castle that might seem just an atypical construction for most of the people who are visiting it.

And I must admit that it felt different visiting The Castle of the Wolves. It was a different energy. A feeling that I was somehow returning home, but a home that I've never seen before.

The castle dates since 1856, and even though it involved a lot of renovations, the main idea and concept have been kept, which brings in front of the curious ones some incredible stories.
Anyway, since we are talking about a construction that is located somewhere between medieval and modern times, Castelul Lupilor is not just a castle but actually, a guest house which preserved the history and legends in the true sense of the word, providing to the tourists themed rooms, restaurant with royal dishes and a huge garden with all kind of thematic activities.
Since we visited it during the Easter Holidays, we enjoyed a few more elements in plus than what people can usually observe, with thematic decorations that brought a surplus of colour to the whole landscape.
The name of the castle was given after on one of the bricks could be observed the footprint of a wolf. However, the legends and stories go way deeper than that mentioning that one of the oldest historical legends Romania has, is that of the werewolves.

Castelul Lupilor is considered one of the very few places in the world where the The Great White Wolf could be noticed, but where it also came to gather together all the wolves Romania has and fight with our Dacian ancestors against the battles that were about to come.


As scary as it sounds, there is a grain of truth in the whole story, not being considered just a random legend because in 2008 there were organized some night filming by a specialized team from Italy that captured ghostly apparitions of warriors accompanied by wolves.

Personally, one of the best things I consider about this place is that it's still not so known by people, and a visit to the castle or even spend a night in one of the thematic rooms means a properly reunion with history, legends and unique experiences that most of us haven't even dreamed about.
The castle comes with a total number of 13 rooms of which only 8 are themed with the legends and 3 Castelar rooms.
However, if you would like to taste the experience by sleeping in a bed that will instantly teleport you with a few hundreds of years in the past, you definitely need to rent one of those rooms.
There are rooms dedicated to the Romans, a princess room, a royal suite and even torture rooms that are coming with a themed kit for the people who pick it as the room where to spend one or more nights.
Anyway, let's not forget that the whole awesomeness we get to see in the 21st century, is the result of a very meticulous process of consolidation, restoration and extension of a medieval castle, that was used in the 18th century as barracks for the officers of the Austro-Hungarian garrison.

Even though you will notice all around the garden all kind of interesting details and objects that were very common a few hundreds of years ago, the region was also modernized with swimming pools and jacuzzi, with the mention that the owner of the castle is planning to open a troop of horses soon.


Unfortunately, when we crossed the gates to visit the castle, we couldn't find anyone to also help us check out the interior of the majestic building, but from my documentation, there should be chatelaines that are presenting the surroundings and the history of the castle even if you are not planning to rent a room. However, I would like to return here one day and sleep in one of the themed rooms.


Source of the pics: https://www.locurifaine.ro

Castelul Lupilor reminded me of a similar castle we visited a few years ago located in Aiud, but which was also turned into a guest house that kept the theme of the medical times, which is called Castelul Templul Cavalerilor (The Temple of the Knights Castle) and it's definitely worth a visit too.

Anyway, we didn't have to pay any tax for visiting the surroundings of the castle and take a few pictures of it, but there is needed to make a reservation in advance if you plan to spend one or more nights at Castelul Lupilor in order to be completely sure you are not missing one of a kind experience. And if you are asking me, there is no better way to enjoy Hunedoara that is well-known as a fairytale county of Transylvania where you can find a lot of unknown sightseeing attractions but which are getting quite deep into history and legends. In the end, we all love finding out more stuff about a country's culture and how else to do it if not in some of the most genuine places? 💚

For the more adventurous spirits, there is also a camping area right across the castle street, but which we got to admire only from the distance.


In order to reach the castle wrapped in an aura of mystery which is, with no doubt, a landmark of the history and hospitality of Transylvania, you have to get to the southern side of the Metaliferi Mountains on the territory of Hărău commune, Chimindia village, that is easy to be found resting between narrow valleys with steep slopes, located 400 km away from Bucharest, 15 km away from Deva and 10 km away from the main highway.




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