My experience with pinmapple

I have used the pinmapple map more than once, but all through my first to third contact with them, I assumed it was all about identifying our location. I was incognizant of our post been pinned to the map for others to view until some weeks ago. I had gone to do the usual routine of getting a code for my location when I discovered my posts pinned to the map. A surge of joy flooded my heart. The sense that my work is pinned for the world to see and opening a channel to connect to people from various part of the world was refreshing. This knowledge made me pinned most of my travel feeds and travel experience on the pinmapple map. Early last month, a contest was organised by @invisusmundi to discuss our travel experience or experiences. It was fun learning from various travellers and their experiences around the various countries.


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Pinmapple has made it possible for people to connect to the culture of the world, the various tourist been visited and opening an avenue for the world to share from the knowledge of others around various location. My desire to explore various tourist areas of my interest was possible with pinmapple and various users who had contributed in pinning their experience, cities , culture , tourist areas and ethnic identity go the map.

How I Plan To Use the Map For A Future Trip

Recently I had engaged myself into reading the various post pinned on the map from 2017 to date with the aim of documenting countries that share in my interest. While on this explore, I came across some ancient countries some users wrote about years ago, the culture of those cities were intriguing and from the details, I longed to visit even if not recently due to financial constraints and the pandemic ravaging the world, but in the future when I do love to explore other cities outside my native country.

All this knowledge and zeal to travel was made possible with my contact with pinmapple.

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