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My last day in high school, I had purposed in my heart to travel around different state for adventure. This shows how much I love taking a tour around the world, but then there's always a financial constraints , again, what if this financial constraints is lifted up by offering a $1000, what would I do or places I do love to travel to. This is my entry to the pinmapple if I had $1000 contest, to join follow the link pinmapple Contest

As a medical student, my longtime desire has been to visit Greece and Egypt because of their history in medicine, this longing for adventure in this two cities made me explore places most people visit in this cities. In greece is the coliseum landmark and in Egypt is the pyramid and their history.


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Coliseum is one of the most famous landmark in the world. As a major attraction in Rome, it is an essential stop for all travellers. The best way to experience the Coliseum, believe it or not, is by guided tours. That's because a guided tour would be able to take you through to areas that are normally inaccessible for visitors. By @stabilowl in the post travelling with stabilo

An article by @stabilowl from 2018, caught my interest about this coliseum. What a beauty to behold of a place with thousands of rooms each holding a significance. The greece culture must have some archive of relevant history safely stored in those rooms, I thought. Travelling down to Greece, I do spend knowing their culture and the relevance of things they esteem the most, the history and ancient sculpture.

"The goal of travelling is truly achieved by knowing the culture of the new society", so I do spend the $1000 knowing the culture of the Greece, medical background and more about the fancy coliseum that catches the eyes.

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Egypt is the country I do visit to see of their ancient history and of the pyramids. Egypt holds much history that's good for my medical career, aside watching the pyramids and their desert lands , I will learn of their way of medicinal cure practiced by aesculapian through the use of snakes.

I enjoy travelling to ancient cities, aside from watching their beautiful landmarks and the pyramids , knowing their culture and their belief is what matters again.

As a small child dreaming of visiting new places, I had only two destinations in mind. One of them was Egypt and the great pyramids. The second was India and the great history by @hanen in the post trip to Egypt

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The $1000 will be spent travelling and exploring coliseum landmark in Greece and the pyramid and desert in egypt.

This is my entry to the pinmapple if I had $1000 contest

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