Hypno Scripts: A tool for self-improvement

Hi everyone, this is my first post in the community.

I've known quite a few things about hypnosis, and would love to share them with you.

What is hypnosis ?

It depends on who you ask, if you ask a doctor, the answer will be a hypnosis is a bunch of techniques to put you into a dream state, where you become hyper aware to suggestions.

A psychologist might give you a different answer, for them hypnosis is a tool to improve outcomes, and a very similar view is shared by hypnotists too.

Personally, I prefer the latter interpretation, and in this light will jot down a self hypnosis script, that'll help you relax, and improve your mood.

Note: Before reading this powerful script, please make sure you're in a comfortable position and in a quiet place.

Script to calm your nerves

Take a deep breath, and let it go.
Take another deep breath, and as you breath out just allow the entire body to relax and go limp, and on the next breath allow the eyes to close.

Now become aware of your body, notice if there is any tension anywhere, try shrugging your shoulders and letting them drop
tense your legs and let them relax.

Step One: Think about going down stairs, visualize it.

Step Two: Imagine someone in front of you guiding you down below the long flight of stairs.

Step Three: Keep visualizing until you enter a state of semi lucidity.

Bonus Step: You can also try counting the stairs as descend below into sheer darkness.


Note: All images are stock and are free to use.

Have a great week

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