Lauching HypnoChain | A Tokenized Hypnosis Community


HypnoChain is a tokenized community for hypnosis content creators and appreciators where you can earn HYPNO (our token) and HIVE (blockchain's native currency) just by creating and/or curating content about hypnosis.

What Kind Of Posts Are Welcome?

What is a typical post that is going to be in this community? There are so many different kinds of formats for hypnosis so it’s hard to name them all, but here are just a few examples of posts that could be seen in our community.

So that's "formats", but what about "types/themes" of hypnosis? Glad you asked!😄


Q: Can I post a video/audio/etc hypnosis that's not mine?
A: No, however, if you like and know content creators feel free to invite them to the platform, that way both you (the curator) and the content creator can earn by being in this community. There are many "Hive Onboarding" services (, just link one of them, also linking this post (@hypnochain/lauching-hypnochain-or-a-tokenized-hypnosis-community) and you are all set. 😀

Q: Do I need to do anything to become a member and post in the community?
A: Anyone in good standing on the blockchain is more than welcome to post into the community/website. All you need is a Hive account.

Q: Why was my post shared in this community/website? I’m not a part of it.
The @hypnochain Hive account and others manually curate for related content a few times a week and cross-posts it into the community even if you are not a member of the community.

Q: Are we looking for mods or other community roles to fill?
A: Yes, there will be several voluntary roles set up over time to help within the community.

If you have another question feel free to comment here and I will gladly reply.

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