Out in your dreams
One night
You got what seems
A fright
Eating your slumber
Captured in umber
Unable to run
A breath on your neck
A sigh
A speck
Don’t wake before the dawn
Just lie
And sleep
While the beasties have their fun.


I had a nightmare last night. It has been years since I've had one so this took me off guard. I actually woke up yelling an odd caterwaul. The beasts in the dream were zombies though. Big drooling, hairy, mostly naked male zombies who just kinda lumbered toward me. I realized it was a dream and didn't want to wake up, but as I was yelling at them to ask them "Why are you here?!" I woke up mid yell.

The most bizarre thing about the dream was that I could read. From what I have heard this is supposed to be impossible. Anyone know?


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