Leo Threads Support for Blockchain Poets

I want to announce something pretty exciting. The Leo Finance team has agreed to support the Blockchain Poets community on their new Threads platform!

Let's back up. What is Threads? Threads is LeoFinance's newest project. It is basically a Twitter clone. And I don't mean just an interface for short-form content like dbuzz, but I mean a full Twitter-clone. It's Twitter on the blockchain!

They introduced it a while ago actually, but it didn't have the friendliest interface in the world. Recently, however, it entered an open alpha release and the user interface (UI) has been cleaned up enough to make it very usable.

This has the potential to be huge for Hive. I've been critical of LeoFinance in the past, as I know many of you have. I lost a lot of money on CUB. At the same time, I'm not going to let frustration at previous experiences blind me to a new one. Threads is really cool. This could be a game changer for Hive.

Threads is coming at the perfect time too. To say that Twitter is having a rough time would be an understatement. People are looking for other platforms. Mastodon has gained many users. On the crypto end, noise.cash has attracted a lot of folks. If Hive via Threads can attract even a small percentage of these disgruntled Twitter users, that would be huge win for our platform! Not to mention it could finally boost Hive's price back up to the value we all know it really has.

So how does this benefit us at Blockchain Poets? I think tweets are just about perfect for poems. Threads gives us 250 characters, enough for a haiku or other short poem. Threads also enables us to simply chat with each other outside of discord.

I created a new Hive account for our group, @bcpoets.threads, and I will be delegating some LEO and Hive to this account. The LeoFinance team is going to delegate even more to this account. I or one of the other mods will be watching for the #bcpoets tag and I will upvote comments that use it. Not only that, but the LeoFinance team too will also be watching for this tag and they will curate great threads.

Just using Threads then (and using the tag) you can get an upvote from our community threads account and maybe one from someone on the LeoFinance team. Most of the upvotes you get from these will pay in LEO and Hive.

I will also be voting from my own account (this one). If i can figure out how to have this account and the Blockchain Poets community account follow the @bcpoets.threads account then I'll do that too, so you might expect at least two or three votes for threads post you make.

Right now I don't know how to see every single post that uses the tag, so I may miss some of you. But I will be watching an voting as I see #bcpoets posts.

To use Threads, simply go here (https://alpha.leofinance.io/threads). Bookmark that page so you can easily visit there. You can login with your regular Hive account using Keychain, just like you do on Peakd or Ecency. Also be sure to bookmark our tag, #bcpoets, so that you can easily follow conversation from other members of our group. (Here → https://alpha.leofinance.io/threads/tag/bcpoets) That last link only lists the last few threads that used the tag. Hopefully it will list more in time. It's a start anyway.

Now please keep in mind this is still in alpha release, so things are not working perfectly. Notifications is a little fidgety right now, and sometimes you have to refresh the page, but all things considered it is working remarkably well. @khaleelkazi promises constant updates so we might expect it to improve rapidly. In fact, I'd recommend you follow Khal and @leogrowth so that you can read about Threads updates when they arrive.

If you are already on Threads (@dagger212 has already been spreading poetry there, for instance—he's the one who suggested the tag) then please start using the #bcpoets tag. If you aren't there yet, then go check it out and start sharing some poems there. I think sharing bits and pieces of your latest poem post on Hive is ok along with a link to your post. Remember, this is basically Twitter on Hive, so anything you might share there, share on Threads!

I look forward to interacting with all of you over there! Votes from our bcpoets.threads account may take a few days to get going. We are still waiting for the LeoFinance delegation. But I will try to get them started soon.

If you don't know what Blockchain Poets is: we are the best community for poetry on Hive! Come check us out. We accept any kind of poem and all languages. We are curated by #indiaunited and if you follow the commenting rules, you might with shares of HSBI as well as some #pimp and Ecency POINTS. If you fancy yourself a poet, come visit!

See you guys on Threads!

Hi there! David LaSpina is an American photographer and translator lost in Japan, trying to capture the beauty of this country one photo at a time and searching for the perfect haiku.
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