The Trouble With Being Curious (a double prompt freewrite)

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Day 1361: 5 Minute Freewrite: Tuesday - Prompt: glorious opportunity
Day 1360: 5 Minute Freewrite CONTINUATION: Monday - Prompt: international

This story is being written by request. I wrote two other standalone posts which were linked by a character and situation. With the number of people who want a proper resolution, or even a series, I just couldn't leave it alone!

If you want to read them first, here they are:

I went home, and put the coin in amongst my collection of rare but normal and boring coins. This was more to keep people safe from it than because I wanted to possess it.

Some days passed. Despite it being summer, my parents noticed that I was distracted. I just couldn't get my mind off of what I had seen! But how could I get more information? I wasn't going to mess with the thing. Getting zapped into oblivion, or even pulled into another world, didn't really seem like a glorious opportunity.

Of course! Why hadn't I thought of it before? The elderly couple who had left it behind had asked me for directions to a new age shop called The Source. It most likely came from there.

I debated between taking pictures and leaving the obviously dangerous object home, or putting it in a small plastic container and bringing it along. I decided to leave it. The less contact with it the better?

I have never been inside The Source, despite passing it many times. It turned out to be bigger than it looked from the outside.

"Hello Sir, I'm here for some information on an object left with me by a acquaintance. I understand it was purchased here." I declared to the older man behind the counter. He looked to be of foreign descent, but I couldn't place the nationality.

I then showed him the pictures of the coin. His eyes became very wide, but he quickly covered his shock. Buying time to think, he pretended to need a closer look. He then browsed through some papers.

"Young man, we have never had this item in the store. However I would be interested in buying it. I will give you a good price."

"I'm sorry Sir, it's not mine to sell. I will pass your message on when I see the owners. Can you please tell me what you know about the item?"

Confusion covered the man's face for a few seconds. "I will pay handsomely. You can give them part of it when they get back. They will thank you."

I declined, explaining that I just couldn't sell something that belongs to someone else . I then turned to leave. Instead of accepting my answer, he quickly stepped between the door and myself.

"Surely you will have expenses in the near future. Aren't you going to a university next year? You look about the age to begin. And of course you will need a good vehicle."

My jaw must have dropped, because he gave me a triumphant smile. "How does fifty thousand dollars sound? It's very rare and I want it for my personal collection. If the original owners return with proof that it's theirs, I will give it back to them for free. Surely you can also give me a good description of what they look like?"

I won't lie, I was tempted! This is some serious money! "Uh, Sir, can I please have a few days to think about it?" I asked as I walked around him towards the door.

"Of course, young man. Please do try to let me know soon!" He said, skipping ahead and holding the door open.

I knew that the coin must have been from the shop. If it was so valuable, why did he let it go in the first place? Maybe Mr. and Mrs. Harris paid even more?

Whatever the reason, I couldn't risk letting it fall into the wrong hands. Sighing, I resigned myself to depending upon scholarships and odd jobs to see me through university.

I walked on, and turned down Main Street. I had to pass the house where it all began before I could get home. Mr. and Mrs. Harris would not be there. They had gone "home" wherever that was.

Not being able to help myself, I stared at the place as I walked by. To my surprise, there was a young lady bending over in the middle of the driveway! She was beautiful, and had an international flair to her clothes and looks. She smiled at me and said hello.

To be continued? Maybe!!! If you are interested?

Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels
and edited by me

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