Where Am I? The Ink Well Prompt #22: Fireworks


I was jogging down Main Street, when my life changed forever. I had just settled into a comfortable pace when it happened. The world erupted in light and swirling colors.

Disoriented, I stopped. Main Street had disappeared! At first I thought maybe I was ill from the exertion, but I hadn't even broken a sweat yet. Checking out my surroundings, I saw that I stood in a large meadow. It was picture perfect! There was even a mighty oak tree for shade and climbing, and a small lake fed by a peaceful stream.

To my right, far in the distance, there was a city. Could that be a castle in the middle of those skyscrapers?!?! Even from this distance I could see that the strange city was a magnificent blend of architectural styles.

To my left, there was a well maintained road leading into a dense forest. There weren't any signs, but I felt a sense of safety. The road was wide and the gravel smooth. There were even paths on both sides for walking and biking.

Straight ahead there was a massive body of water, perhaps an ocean? It was apparent that the city was close to it, they probably had a port. I was in awe, but I had to get home. I looked in back, somehow expecting to see Main Street.

Instead, I saw a paved road. One fork of it led towards the gravel road into the wilderness. Upon looking closer I noticed that it was indeed connected. The other fork went towards the city. The third option appeared to go out amongst farmland. There was no sign of Main Street.

How I wished that I had wings! It would surely take days to reach the city, where I could hopefully get some answers. Daydreaming about this for a second, I began to move my feet. They were clumsy, probably from my shock. I shook the feeling off, and tried to begin a slow jog.

My feet tangled together, and I pitched forward. Trying to catch myself, I spread out a wing. A wing??? I closely examined it. It was mostly grey. As it turned out, I had another one to match it, instead of arms.

Quickly I walked (or waddled) over to the lake, to check out my reflection. Instead, I saw a pigeon looking back at me! I'm a pigeon? Well I did wish for wings.

I decided to try something else. I daydreamed about being swift and sleek, able to run like the wind. A cheetah peered up, mirroring my movements. I then daydreamed about being a man, just like before. Seconds later I saw my own face.

This has to be a dream! I thought about that and it appealed to me. Smiling, I changed myself back into a bird. Who would turn down the chance to fly like a bird!!!

After some experimenting, I managed to take to the air. It's not as easy as it looks! Somehow I managed to gain altitude. The view, through my new eyes, was incredible.

I made a beeline for the city. It didn't take too long, or at least it didn't feel like it did. I was having fun! I circled the entire city from high above. Just as I thought, there was a castle and a port. The watercraft looked like they had arrived from every age including the age of exploration, and also every country imaginable. Some looked like what I would expect on taking a trip to see the ocean in my own world. Some I didn't recognize. Others looked like they might be from the future.

I decided to land in a large park. Remaining a pigeon, just in case the inhabitants weren't friendly seemed wise. The few who were there looked normal. I waddled along, nobody paying the slightest attention.

Crossing a bridge, I was deep in thought. Where am I? This place is so different, and yet parts of the society are obviously from my world. I decided to try to get close to someone. Maybe I would get some clues by eavesdropping.

"The fireworks will start in an hour!" Exclaimed a teenage girl to a small boy. He smiled. I decided to stay with them. They weren't threatening, and apparently lived in this world. I was becoming more hopeful, but decided that it was a good idea to remain cautious.

When the two youngsters strolled towards the picnic tables I flew over to meet them. Laughing, they gave me bits of bread. I wasn't really hungry, but I ate it and entertained them.

As promised, an hour later there was a fireworks display. They were like nothing I had seen before! The colors were more vivid, and they formed into vibrant, detailed flowers as they expanded. I took to the air for a "bird's eye view".

Incredible! I have never seen anything like it. Maybe it won't hurt to stay in this world a little while longer...

This is a 100% power up post! Edit: It will be when I find out where that option went!!!

Note: If you are curious about how this began, read @wrestlingdesires/the-coin

Image used with permission. Full credit goes to https://noise.cash/u/photography - please show the photographer some love!
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