Momentary stay

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I saw an inscription tagged "Hotel". This hotel is having 3 doors. The outward appearance looks like a molded cake or accumulated snows, and it's perceived to be so close to atmosphere. This life is ephemeral and whoever oppresses others and is overwhelmed by power, position, wealth should know it's not permanent. An accountable day is coming before the maker of the universe and one must trend carefully. However, coming to this world is synonymous to lodging in a hotel which it's not expected of u to stay there permanently: Over time, when you complete the assignment that brings you to a hotel, you must leave for your permanent abode. Tadeki was a powerful man in ikire village from the tribe of Aloma. He had so much charms, and he would do anything he wanted without being questioned. He was a warrior in his early age; he killed many people because of land possession and covetously snatched others wives. King and Chiefs of Ikire sat in the palace for a sudden meeting summoned by the King. Earlier in the morning, a guard delivered an emissary to the king and was sent by the mysterious being (Tade). "I received this emissary from Tade" the King said while he held it showing his disbelief The chiefs all exclaimed. "Our royal father, this emissary from the most powerful man (Tade) is telling you to vacate from the throne" said one of the chiefs "Does he want to take the rulership of this community when he's not from a royal family?" Another chief said loudly Since nobody could challenge him, he was invited to palace and was begged to request other things in the town aside from king throne. He insisted on his request. He gave 7 days ultimatum for the king to vacate from his position. The king accepted his fate because Tade was deadly, heartless and was possessed mysteriously in which no one knew the source of his power. Some people referred to him as deity sent to the world by God. On the seventh day, early in the morning, there was a shout from his house, he was pronounced death by his family members, and it was believed he died in the midnight. The news was shocking, and the cause was unknown. Maggots were coming out from his carcass that barely lasted for 8 hours. "Since there was nobody could contend with him, I believe his death was divine" a chief said in excitement while jubilating with the king in the palace. Villagers took drums and danced all through the four corners of the village with the one voice that the oppressor died mysteriously, and they had received their liberty. Oh! How the mighty falling. This world is ephemeral, we all lodge in it like a hotel, and we shall leave for our home when we are through with our different assignment

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