Pic1000: At Sea

Looking at the picture all that comes to my mind is crafting a poem from it. A poem of a soul lost at sea, scared but calm and at peace with nature. So here's is my entry to the Pic1000 prompt.


Scared, lonely, and lost at sea,
I see the endless waves stretch out before me.
The wind howls and the water churns,
As I drift aimlessly, with no place to turn.

Fear grips my heart, uncertainty in my mind,
I am alone, with no hope to find.
The darkness creeps as the night draws near,
And I am left to face my greatest fear.

But amidst the chaos, a calm descends,
A peace that only this nature can bring.
I watch as the moonlight dances on the waves,
And in this moment, my soul feels saved.

For in this world of endless blue,
I find a solace I never knew.
A connection to something greater than myself,
A reminder that I am a part of something else.

But yet, I long for the safety of my home,
For the familiar comfort that I have known before.
I think of my loved ones, waiting for me,
And the fear creeps back, a constant agony.

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