Mana Is Still On The Cliff

Freshly minted art.

Previous Mana post: /@insaneworks/mana-on-the-cliff There Mana is. On the cliff. But what happened then?


The sun had set. "I am Mana," Mana said.


Mana stopped. Mana obviously had a feeling. It waited for something to happen. The world revolved but at the same time it stood still and so did Mana.


Something was happening and Mana seemed to sense it. Mana eyed the surroundings.


Perhaps this was what it had waited. Perhaps this was it's meaning. Or the meaning of life? Who would know? Not I, not you, but perhaps Mana knows.


The air started to sizzle. Electrify even. Mana was on the ledge again. Waiting. And there it was. A wonder. The wonder. Wonder of life itself.


"I am Mana," Mana sighed.

I minted art and used all my Hive. So now I'm poorer than poor. Here's hoping that my art isn't so poor that it does not deserve to be bought.

Oh poor me.

Anyway, if you want to help poor old me, there's Manart and other art too in NFT Showroom. The gif that's on the top of this post can be bought, but the last image on this post you can only get if you buy art from me. Any art. And that's for the next 13 buyers only. A gift. I'll send the art to the buyers starting from number one that, I believe, is worth more than number 13.

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