Doctor Blight | Splinterlands art contest week 218

And so I am back with another drawing because I'm not done reading these alchemy related books that I wanted to go over. They're interesting reads and they kind of inspired me to work on Dr. Blight because of the mention of the plague doctor in one of the books and also, because it was fortunate enough that splinterlands had a plague doctor inspired card UwU

So here is my take on Doctor Blight UwU

Yes, I went with traditional art again for this one because I fell into the traditional comfort trap again, but I have to admit, I can't pull off this kind of natural lighting effect on digital just yet. I definitely need more practice on that.

So for the progression of this piece, I actually started with white paper.

The original plan was to just ink enough so that I wouldn't be using up that much ink. It's starting to get pricey and I only have one extra bottle left so I'm preserving my ink a bit XD

This wasn't dark enough for me because going with a plague doctor and doctor blight aesthetic, it needs to be darker. So I added more and more ink XD

By the time I was actually satisfied with the amount of black ink I paited on it, the page was already completely black XD So I just used chalk and white ink to add that lighting effect since this was an easier route for me.

No regrets though because I think it looked pretty cool and gave doctor blight that heavy mysterious look he should have as someone that came from the plague era UwU

Materials used: black ink, chalk, white inked pen
Duration: 2.5 hours if I account the time I had to wait for the ink to dry

This is all from me for today~~ I think I can work on my alchemy series over the weekends so I can get back to growing my stem tokens before the year ends UwU

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