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Heyho guys, #alienart crew, #comic fans, dearest #artists #collectors and #aiart fans, hope you are doing well so far. Sorry for being late a few days, happy bday to all Pisces born ones this month. 💕🤗✨🎉✨

Today I present you the Pisces #NFTCards

But what are my new NFTs about?

I'm dedicating this #NFTart to the theme of #zodiac signs. I started with August-Leo because I started with it in August 😜🙏🏼 so the last card will show up in July 2023, cancer one.

Each zodiac sign will get 3 different images aka cards. Like always limited edition.
3 of 3. I love number 3.

3 different zodiac cards, each available 3 times, starting with 3 #swaphive then 6 and then 9. That is my plan.
Got it. The magic numbers 3 6 9...hahaha. Like Tesla said once upon a time...

So at all 12 signs x 3 cards (every sign) will be in total 36 #Zodiak #NFTCards.
Woouuuhooouu 💃

you can collect them or just get your own zodiac sign in a nice #NFTart or you can get one and sent to another user as a birthday gift with their zodiac sign. Whatever you wanna do.

As you see maybe, at the right side is always a short sentence about the zodiac. even if one zodiac has 3 cards styles... the art design aka drawings/ paintings and the sentence will be always different. so if you collect all 3 you have all sentences about one zodiac sign and all available images I created.

(as I wrote in past Zodiac NFT Posts before, just as a background info and reminder 💕because I wrote it before I decided to "quote" it.)

TrinityArt aka akida zodiac pisces nft cards thumbnail.jpg

So now for the Pisces born ones

Ai Art, afterwards edited via photoshop by myself.

February 19 - March 20

Yes, today it's the turn of the Pisces born. Probably one of the most sensitive water signs among the #zodiacsigns. It is rumored and said that #Pisces are among the most compassionate of the 12 signs.

The Pisces born should be fully in balance with their emotions when they learn how to protect themselves from the feelings and thoughts of the others and when they get their own Peacefully calm space.

From my experiences, most Pisces are overwhelmed when having no own space.
Maybe because they are very empathetic to the feelings of others. They can put themselves in the shoes of them. So without own space the identify with the feelings of the others what they should not do.

Often Pisces act on gut instinct, that is, intuitively, and this sign has a very good sense of empathy and timing. The bad side of that is maybe that a Pisces born one is in one moment present and right here with you and wooouupwoooup the other moment they are gone and escaped. Its like catching a fish with the hands.

Sometimes it seems as if the Pisces born ones can read thoughts, because it seems from time to time as if the Pisces would know more than one thought is possible. This kind of talent can also become a curse. Therefore, Pisces-born should be careful in some situations.

Many people born in this sign follow their creative vein and use their talent of art, words, philosophy or rhythms and beats. Therefore, this sign is also found among many artists. But I think this is normal for all water signs. Water signs looooove music.

But I don't want to praise this sign only, also Pisces can have a bad day. And be bitchy or appear arrogant. Pisces need their retreat and silence when it becomes too much for them. But well, the dear Pisces - Born know themselves best, right?

Anyway, all zodiac signs have a good and a bad side and most people born in that sign "Pisces" are nice guys.

Here are my Zodiac Cards

TrinityArt aka akida Pisces blog image no 1.jpg

Zodiac NFTCard N° #1

The design on the first card is a marvelous depiction of a huge school of fish swimming through the water. The work captures the deep bond between these water zodiac "pisces" and their natural environment, showing the beauty and harmony.

Although the fish swim independently, they move in a kind of fusion, following the tides of the currents and ocean.

Overall, this AI artwork is a great depiction of the flowing world, highlighting the interconnectedness of all living things and the beauty of life in the motion of the water.

TrinityArt aka akida Pisces blog image no 1a.jpg


Wanna have this one?

Check it out here:

Zodiac NFTCard N° #2

TrinityArt aka akida Pisces blog image no 2.jpg

On the second zodiac card, the sign of the Pisces are combined with the masked face which is showing the ocean and of course the fish.

What makes this artwork maybe special is the funny and unique combo of the traditional design of Pisces sign (fishes) and the head or face with a kind of diver mask or gills. A kind of cyberpunk-inspired mask features breathing capabilities at the bottom of the jaw.

TrinityArt aka akida Pisces blog image no 2a.jpg


This one you really like to have?
No Prob, here you will find it:

Zodiac NFTCard N° #3

TrinityArt aka akida Pisces blog image no 3.jpg

The Pisces zodiac sign is known for its introspective and emotional nature, and this is hopefully good captured in the third Pisces NFT card. The image shows two faces, each representing a different aspect of the Pisces personality.

The top part of the image shows a man diving out of the water, wearing stylish sunglasses and headphones. He looks focused and serious, giving the impression of someone who is always in control and on top of everything.

However, the lower part of the image shows a different side of the man. Here we see only his mouth and jaw line, which are under the water surface. This image symbolizes the deep emotions and inner world that many Pisces born ones experienced, even if they don't show it outwardly, inside of them aaaa loooooot is going on.

The contrast between the two faces in the image should show or represent the duality of the Pisces personality. On the one hand, they can be outgoing and confident, giving the impression of having everything under control and being happy, in good mood and smiling. On the other hand, they can also be introverted, sensitive, and feel more than they are able to express or explain.

TrinityArt aka akida Pisces blog image no 3a.jpg


This one is your favorite?

Feel free to check more out here:

behind the scenes

  • created via Dream AI
  • after editing by myself via Photoshop, Blender.

Working hours:

  • 30 minutes on Dream #AI to create the basic Images.
  • ~3 hours after editing via Blender, Photoshop. Did some corrections and added some stuff. Also changed a bit light, shade, colors and sharpening. Frame created and edited the text on the cards.

Thumbnail and special room pics

The pictures of the rooms are also made with AI.

Next one will be... You know that, see you next month

Keep on checking out my #gallery if you don't wanna miss them!

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Hope you like it.
Have a great day guys.

Your @akida aka TrinityArt

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