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This is my entry to OCD Community Boost Contest S2 #3: Highlighting The Anime Realm

Writing Prompt: If you could be the protagonist of your own anime, what would you be like?

One morning you get out of bed, go to the bathroom to wash your face and brush your teeth, then turn on the computer and are mysteriously sucked into it, knocked unconscious.
Later you wake up and the computer's artificial mind speaks to you, telling you to select the traits and characteristics you will have in your new world, your own anime. What would you be like in it? What would your anime be about?


My Anime would be on a Cyberpunk/Sci-Fi world, much like Ghost in the Shell and Alita Battle Angel, and would be based on Brazil, more specifically at Rio de Janeiro. The common authoritarian vibe of the sci-fi literature would exist (big corporations that are stronger than the government, extreme inequality, etc.), but it would be clashing directly with the anarchistic willingness of the common people.

Tropicália was a Brazilian artistic movement that became popular during Brazil's military dictatorship in the 1960's, and played on the images of Brazil being a "tropical paradise". It was a very anarchistic and anti-authoritarian movement that wanted to portrait the "true" Brazil, not caricature of the Brazilian culture like others made in the past.

In the middle of this clash between the Rich and the Poor, there would be me, the main character. Living in a world dominated by powerful millionaires and corrupt police officers, I would be a skilled hacker who would try to fight the system, even if it's risky and against all odds!


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I would count with the help of other characters:

  • Lari$$a, a Biologist cyborg that would be fighting the big corporations to save the environment, despite being half-machine herself;

  • Captain Bictor, a Soldier expelled from the Army for not following orders, who would be the group's weapons expert;

  • Merry-Ann, the comedic relief, who despite having good intentions and wanting to help the group, would always ends up hindering our plans and unwittingly helping our enemies.

At the beginning of the anime, despite already possessing the technical knowledge to hack corporations and make a difference in the world, I would still be timid and afraid to openly fight the system. Because of that, I would miss many opportunities to make the world a better place; and when I actually did something, I would be afraid to go "all the way down" and wouldn't do "the dirty work".

But as time went by, and with the help of my friends, I would begin to realize my role in the world and how everything would be better if everyone did what needed to be done: evil only wins when good let it happen.


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I would go from being just a hacker to becoming the leader of a large resistance group that would fight against the domination of the corporations and the corrupt government. The scope of the anime would then stop being the small operations that we were doing and would slowly become big fights against the status quo.

The Revolution/Rebels thematic was already a theme of a few animes; I watched Kill la Kill in the past and it's very good. In my to-watch list there's also Rose of Versailles which talks about the French Revolution, and oh boy, how I love European History!

The last episode of the season would be a nationwide revolution, ending with the people taking the power.

Would the world really be a better place after all of that? Well, that's something for the second season!


Thanks for reading this post, and until next time!

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