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Rudues Greyrat is the protagonist of Mushoku Tensei. He's a controversial anime protagonist as he starts as a terrible person & his goal in the series is to grow better.

Below are multiple comments on the Mushoku Tensei series. before each entry, I put information about the context where I left the comment.

(These are archived comments of mine, I intentionally left this post without images from the anime.)

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"I Realized... I Like Rudy Now..."

Written for PhenomSage's "It's Okay To Like Unlikeable Characters"

I didn't like Rudy at first. I thought he was a good character and I enjoyed his growth. (But that's also how I felt about most villains in shonen, I didn't like him as a person.) I tolerated his uncomfortable actions.

Then, by the time I was reading Volume 12, I realized, at some point "I really like Rudy now, not just as a character but as a person." I think each of us has things they regret or want to change.

Rudeus Greyrat is the perfect reminder that a redemption is always an option! So, yeah... Season 2 will probably change a few minds about Rudy. A few, but that's progress.

The Theme "Family"

Commented on a Reaction of Episode 17: "Reunion"

The family is a big theme in this series, that's because the author wanted to show family bonds due to his experience before writing the series he was in a dark period of his life and his family supported him through it. Look for the author interviews, they're interesting!

The interview I meant was this one by AnimeNewsNetwork.

Incantationless Healing

Written on a Reaction of Episode 21: "Turning Point 2"

Rudy can't use Incantation-less Healing, the anime did a great job hinting at this since episode 5. (It's the most obvious in Episode 18, if you wanna go back to watch it.) The reason might be discussed in season 2 so I'll consider it a spoiler and won't say for now.

Rudues has the ability to cast Magic spells silently, without voicing the spells' names. It's not an ability unique to him, but it's rare in the series. Yet, Rudeus can only cast Attack-type Magic this way, he still needs the incantations for Healing-type magic.

The novels actually discussed this multiple times, but it was discussed more seriously in the Magic University Arc, which is part of season 2. I believe they'll explain it there, but there's a chance they'll skip it if they had pacing issues.

A Beautiful World

A comment about this video: "The Breathtaking World Of Mushoku Tensei"

Is this based on the Breathtaking World of ONE PIECE?

Anyway, I think it should be longer and have more seconds of focus on each location... Millis is breathing and there are many shots from there a video like this could use.

I think with the content of the upcoming season 2, (especially locations from Vols.11,12) a video like this would be amazing! But I guess that would be at least a year from now...

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