Example Introduce Yourself Post for May Liberty #HIVE Giveaway

In your May #Liberty #HIVE Giveaway post, you will be introducing who you are. Take a few sentences to explain who you are and how you came to the Liberty movement. You can be as specific or vague as you feel comfortable (not looking to make the fed bois jobs any easier).

Make sure to join the Liberty community, tag @whylibertarian, and you can follow me too if you're so inclined. If you were referred by someone, make sure you tag them with their HIVE account name here so they can get an additional entry.

Feel free to share a picture (it need not be of yourself so it can be Liberty or Freedom related...or completely rando).

Neil Degrasse - Freedom.jpg

Make sure to add the following tags: #liberty #introduceyourself #ocd #gems

Make sure to check back and view others' posts and upvote them and reply.

The Prize is 100 HIVE and the drawing will be held May 31, 2021, at 7 pm EST LIVE on my channels. At that time, the June giveaway criteria will also be announced.


PS - any trouble? reach out to me on Twitter (@LibertarianWhy) or via email whylibertarianvideo@gmail.com

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