How to Control your Sadness Problems Worries Rejections

When you are faced with difficult situations in life, you are disappointed and hopeless, then you must listen to this story once. There lived a rich man in the village, everyone called him Set because he was rich.

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At the same time, he was very good-hearted and right, he never returned empty-handed to you and helped him generously. One day he was passing through the market and he saw a strange sight. There was a piece that he wanted to sell but no one was ready to buy it but people were making fun of him.
Who bought it, but Sett's heart did not know whether he bought it from an old man and tied it in his turban, or because of Sett's kindness and generosity, where people loved him, many people took him from him.

There were also jells and they barked at the opportunity to humiliate and harm him. Seth was thrown in jail. Seth was very worried and sad because he was locked up in jail without any fault. Many days passed like this. Seth did not understand how he would get out of here.

One day he was sitting in a state of anxiety. When he opened it, he saw that there was a piece of paper given to him by the old man, on which it was written, "It will not last forever." Then his eyes opened. It is written that he had gone to close it and leaned against the wall and said, "What is there to worry about if there is no punishment on a hard day, then even after seeing it, it will not last forever." And he started laughing loudly, how long did he keep laughing? Yes, when the watchman saw him laughing, he got worried. called him to him and asked him what is the matter, he showed him the piece of paper and told him the whole thing. The Sikh who will come tomorrow will surely come.

He said why is human life? Good and bad times go together. Every sad day, the voice changes. Therefore, a person should patiently wait for the good time and have faith that the bad time will not be silent. His words had a great impact on the king and he freed the Saint. Or to remember that piece of trouble and be satisfied that the days of sorrow will not last forever

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