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About fifteen years ago my aunt owned an old three-story brick house that had a spirit ghost residing in the premises with her. Through the years my aunt lived there, she learned the spirit was a woman who had lost her young infant to a childhood disease. Scarlet fever, I believe...

My aunt enjoyed entertaining and hosting parties. I remember being there one Christmas evening when I went to the second level to use the restroom. Alone (duh). While doing my thing, I suddenly felt a brush of cold air sweep over me that chilled me to my core! I hurriedly made my way back dowstairs where the rest of the relatives were.


Later that same evening my aunt wanted to show me something in the guest bedroom on the second floor. While sitting on the bed in the guest room, my aunt's cat kept looking at something behind me. But there wasn't anybody else there besides my aunt. And me, of course. All of a sudden the cat meowed loudly and ran out of the room. What the hell was that?!

Several times throughout the years my aunt that lived at the haunted house asked me to stay overnight with her, all the while assuring me the ghost spirit was friendly and would do me no harm. I kindly passed!

Would you have stayed?


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