Ink Dipped Zipps

Original Hand Drawn Ink Dipped W.I.P.

zip master  000 .png

Make sure and zoom in for a full appreciation of this artowrk. I originally drew this piece by hand dipping into ink a Blue Pumpkin metal nib on a generic handle. Around the same time that i originally sketched this out... i had just hand-carved a Goose feather into a quill. I found it to be rather inconsistent for my first time creating one and broke down and bought the Blue Pumpkin.

zip master  01.png

I scanned it on a Canon printer to get a high-resolution image before i messed it up. A long time has passed since i felt moved to work on it some more. So, now this artwork has been put into a program where i've been removing the white background.

zip master  02.png

You can see my original post, Ink Dip W.I.P. from long ago. It's not the most comprehensive of my old posts but suffice it to say that once again, it's time to make old things new again. In order to digitize this art and to color fill i have to get the best foundation possible.

Blue Pumpkin

The scan pixelated the white color of the stock paper so i am going through the painstaking process of cleaning up the edges. This is extremely tedious, even for me, since i used some pointillism to make borders and boundaries. The black ink i used has been scanned and rendered in the greyscale. I feel like most of the hard work is this detailed pixel-level clean up. It is very time consuming but in the end it will be worth all the efforts put forth.

zip master  03.png

Here, i have been putting up the progressions of all that has been cleansed. You can see the black fill is fairly clean and pretty well suited to be furthered with more art. It's my goal to add some color to this piece and perhaps make a gif of the color like in my last post. First thing is first though. I don't want to get too far ahead of myself.

zip master  04.png

So far i have made it as far as the next image. I apologize for not optimizing the file size for this post and if it takes forever for the images to load on your device. I figured it would be a good test for my first post since the Hard Fork. This doesn't really fit into the Inktober calendar for this day... unless you consider it an outpost of my patience.

zip master  05.png

I haven't given up on my other works in progress. I did feel it best to switch things up and step away from them for a minute though. I like to have a lot of Art Irons in the Fire. It helps keep things fresh and when i get tired of one project i can just pull out another iron and start hammering away. Below, you will be able to see the pixelation and work left to do. You have to keep in mind i am zooming in to the pixel level and using the eraser tool.

zip master  06.png

My sister called this image Zipper Tits. I think i am going to have to come up with something a bit more imaginative. I have been creating art with the NFT ShowRoom in mind. I definitely plan on minting some of these gifs and artworks there as soon as the chain settles down.

zip master  0000.png

Thanks for taking the time to read and look at the post. I look forward to showing you all a more complete and finished work. For now, i wanted to update y'all on where things were at and what art was happening over here on my end. As we all are, this is a work in progress. I feel the momentum and hopefully will be able to keep it rolling! See y'all next time!

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