Ink Dip W.I.P.

No, it's not the Feather Quill pen!

I broke down and got some metal nibs and a handle for my new ink interest. I ended up carving the feather until there wasn't much handle. Every time I was in the mood to make some art I ended up needing to recarve the tip to get the desired effect. It's definitely trial and error when making your own tools!

I know how, where, and when I went wrong... so the next worthy feather should have a happier outcome. However, this inexpensive set of calligraphy nibs has served well for some consistent results. It's taking me a while to get my ink legs back under me after so many years since I got to dippin!

This is being made with some Black Liquid Ink and a Metal Nib with a generic handle. Each line and dot flow from this metal nib for a limited time only. Dipping the pen is almost an art in and of itself. Every now and then I will clean the nib just to assure consistency in the ink flow! As the ink dries on the metal I can feel it affecting the quality of the line and dot starts which can be catastrophic. I am enjoying relearning the process on some standard quality materials so that when I get a chance to upgrade I will really appreciate noticing the differences in application.


I don't know how much longer I can keep up the symmetry... but once I break from the tactic I intend on going to town on this thing. At this point I see too many outcomes to know what to design. Maybe it will be best to just let the lines and dots do their thing before I add too much of my own chaos in there!

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to check this post out! I scanned this image just in case I end up making some irreconcilable mistake. If I do make that fatal "Happy Accident" then I can now, make a copy of this image and start the process again without having to go all the way back to the beginning. I am confident I won't need to do that, as it is kind of cheating in my mind, but it's nice to have a plan B as well. I have another ink image I am working on that I will post soon. Glad to let off a little STEEM getting busy with some ART!


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