Splinterlands Art Contest Week #201 - Valnamor

A Brief Grim History

It's been ages since I last participated in a Splinterlands Art Contest (not that I was known around the community for it). I sorta joined a couple of the art contests before quitting cold turkey.

I used to do digital art (XP-Pen Deco 01 V2 + PhotoShop, if you were wondering) and if you have ever worked with Deco 01 V2 (with the plastic protector on) you would realize how slippery and inconsistent your brush strokes become (annoying as heck tbh). And yeah, I could remove the screen protector, but tbh, I wouldn't wanna let my noob digital artist ass whack my pen tablet xD

So yeah, I didn't last long in the contest biz and went on with my other stuff (mainly RSG-related memes and such on Hive) until I decided to start over, but didn't feel like doing digital much.

I decided to do some traditional art before officially going back to digital and honing my nonexistent art skills. To my surprise, I think I've done a decent job (or at least, not too bad of a job) with Valnamor here. I think the slippery screen took away a big part of my confidence in handling pencils (I don't do any writing at all, so no pencils in my day-to-day life).

I'm quite content with how it turned out and I think I'll be dropping entries in the contest here and there and hopefully get enough experience to go digital again... I'll drop the steps to the piece down here. Hope you enjoy it! Cheers~~🥂


A Little Help

Oh, and btw, if you know how to group the image together to make a 2x2 window where all 4 steps are joined, do let me know. I feel like the post has become unnecessarily lengthy because that.

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